Fireworks ban repealed, sales return to MI

Cancel your annual July trip to Ohio. In a veto proof vote last month, the state of Michigan repealed its ban on consumer fireworks.

The bill that passed would create the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act, which would control firework sales in the state. State legislators believe that this will be a boom for Michigan’s economy because sales no longer will go to Ohio or Indiana.

Dylan Hellus, political science junior,  likes that people can get fireworks locally now.

“I don’t have to go to Ohio anymore, and any reason not to go to Ohio is a good reason,” he said.

Greg Gardner, political science/public administration sophomore, believes we can use this to help improve programs on campus.

“We should bring fireworks to Saginaw Valley football games and light them off every touchdown like Grand Valley did,” he said. “That was cool.”

Aaron Baylis, a political science senior, agreed with the legislature.

“This probably will help Michigan’s economy because you don’t have to go to Indiana to get fireworks anymore,” he said.

Keven Washburn, political science sophomore, believes that it was good for a different reason.

“People do it anyway,” he said. “It’s so lenient on enforcement that it’s basically legal.”

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