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Small steps to subdue stress

The Healthy U Wellness Fair prepared students to keep themselves healthy as they begin the final push to the end of the semester.

The fair was held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 18, in the Cardinal Gym in the Ryder Center.

Local businesses and organizations had booths offering information and activities about topics like mental health, vision care, dental hygiene, physical fitness and more.

More than 50 vendors offered free-of-charge services: cholesterol testing, glucose and sugar testing, fitness assessments, chair massages, bone density screenings, hearing and eye exams, and blood pressure readings among healthy product samples and giveaways.

Liz Ballien, exercise science senior and SVSU’s wellness intern, was responsible for coordinating the fair.

“This is a very … Read More…

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Fredericks’ sculpture in Northland mall may go to auction

An iconic Marshall Fredericks sculpture known as “Boy and Bear” could go up for auction as the Northland Center mall prepares to liquidate by the middle of April.

The sculpture was commissioned by the J.L. Hudson Co. (now Macy’s) in the early 1950s.

Marilyn Wheaton, director of the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum, said “Boy and Bear” was part of a display campaign to attract families into the store.

Since Northland Center mall opened in 1954, the sculpture has stood outside the store.

“Boy and Bear” portrays a young child – cast in bronze and gold-plated – straddling a large smiling bear made of limestone.

The company also commissioned “Lion and Mouse” for display at its store at Eastland Center … Read More…

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Ming Chuan to offer four-week Chinese class

As people of the world become closer through interdependent economic, social and political relationships, the learning of certain languages has become crucial for success on the global platform.

One of these languages is Mandarin Chinese.

In response to an increasing demand for foreign language skills, Ming Chuan University’s Michigan campus is offering a four-week language class to students.

The class will be taught by Chinese-English bilingual students in the Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language graduate program. Topics include tourism, shopping, campus and business.

Louise Chen, program assistant for Ming Chuan University-Michigan, emphasized the practical nature of the class.

“It’s going to be … conversational Mandarin, to give a flavor of the culture,” she said. “Something you could use to … Read More…

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Anti-Glenn protests about more than tax proposal

By Tori Phelps & Kylie Wojciechowski

More than 20 SVSU students showed up Wednesday to protest a live broadcast town hall meeting about a transportation tax proposal that will appear on the statewide ballot Tuesday, May 5.

They didn’t unite in opposition to the tax proposal, but in opposition to one panelist’s political ideologies.

Gary Glenn, a state representative from Midland, served on the session as a panelist against the proposal. He was joined by Paul Mitchell from the Coalition against Higher Taxes.

Panelists in support of the proposal included Bay County Executive Tom Hickner and a representative from the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association.

A Republican member of the Michigan House of Representatives, Glenn represents District 98. He currently … Read More…

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Not all boys want to be kings

Student and professional performers dragged strict adherence to gender roles out of the picture Friday night at Living Proud’s eighth annual charity drag show.

The event raised $3,042 for the Great Lakes Bay Region AIDS Walk, which benefits Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center in its mission to serve HIV and AIDS patients in its 10-county service area in Michigan.

Drag shows typically feature lip-synching performances, live singing or dancing by people dressed in drag – exaggerated ensembles traditionally characteristic of the ‘opposite gender,’ but not necessarily so.

“The exaggerated performance of gender stereotypes is both fun-filled and satirical,” Kelsey Earle, executive board member of Living Proud, said. “It serves to question and break down the idea of gender and gender roles … Read More…

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Student-centric mentoring

More than 20 SVSU students are serving as mentors for male students in the Saginaw Public Schools through the Centric Program.

“I think it’s good for kids in underprivileged urban areas to see someone who’s doing something good … as far as going to college and showing them what they can do,” mentor and business management senior Jason Washington said.

The Saginaw Public School District was one of four districts to receive a $2.47 million grant from the Michigan Department of Education for the Centric Program.

The grant enables districts to increase the use of personalized teaching methods to improve learning and outcomes and close achievement gaps in reading and math.

The program has an initial focus on African-American young … Read More…

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Cardinals Cook: Recipes for independence

Cooking in college doesn’t have to mean just ramen noodles or macaroni and cheese.

Cardinals Cook, a set of classes offered by Dining Services and Campus Recreation, teaches participants fundamental culinary skills they can use in their own kitchens.

 “Being in this class has been so interesting and helpful, especially because I’m going to be cooking on my own next year,” business freshman Kayla Richmond said. “My favorite part is learning simple recipes that I can use at home.”

So far, the students have learned basic knife skills, kitchen safety procedures, canning techniques and recipes for dishes like pico de gallo. Future classes will focus on marinades and grilling.

Assistant Director of Fitness Programs Andrea Hamlin said knowing how to … Read More…

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Backpacking around the world

Traveling the world to learn about other cultures doesn’t always mean you have to leave campus.

Students from China, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Germany, Holland, Japan, Kazakhstan, the United States, Poland, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia presented acts representing their country’s cultures last Friday during Intercultural Night.

Economics freshman Aranya Biswas represented Bangladesh by playing guitar.

“Being a part of the show was amazing,” he said. “We put in as much effort as we could to make it an amazing experience for us and the audience as well.”

Vanguard photo | Alissa Rhode

The 14th annual Intercultural Night featured performances by students hailing from 11 countries. The event aimed to bring unique, multicultural talents to SVSU’s campus in accordance with the theme “Backpacking

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Not just a boys club: Women in engineering find success

For an organization featuring strong leaders in the areas of science, mathematics, engineering and technology and abundant opportunities to learn, look no further than the Society of Women Engineers.

The Society of Women Engineers is an international organization dedicated to giving women engineers a unique place and voice within the engineering industry.

Members work to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life and demonstrate the value of diversity.

“The goals of (the society) are to help females feel empowered and significant in their schooling and careers in fields that are typically dominated by men,” Bethany Dewey, mechanical engineering … Read More…

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Charter school authorizer scorecard may not reflect roles accurately

According to a report released by a Michigan-based education group, Saginaw Valley State University – as a charter school authorizer – received a D grade.

Education Trust-Midwest, founded in Michigan in 2010, describes itself as a non-partisan, data-driven policy, research and advocacy organization.

With a focus on improving the education of all students, particularly those who are African American, Latino, Indian American or from low-income families – those the system traditionally has left behind – the organization believes a key component to the long-term success of a charter school is the sound practice of its charter authorizer.

In its February 2015 report “Accountability for All: The Need for Real Charter School Authorizer Accountability in Michigan,”  the group studied 16 charter … Read More…

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