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Rider, Rider and Barreto come to Bay City

By Kirsten McIlvenna, A&E editor

Rider and Shiloh Strong and Alexandra Barreto will make their way to downtown Bay City on Thursday for the opening of Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Festival.

The three of them worked together on a political commercial for the Obama campaign. It was the first political ad to ever air on Comedy Central.

Rider Strong of “Boy Meets World” and “Cabin Fever,” and his brother Shiloh Strong of “The Mommies” and the television adaptation of “Dinotopia,” move out of the acting world into directing with their short films “Irish Twins,” “The Dungeon Master,” and “Method,” which will show at the festival.

Barreto of the show “Pepper Dennis” produced “The Dungeon Master” and wrote … Read More…

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Blood Drive Video

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Gender gap grows

By: Brandon Cadotte, Vanguard Staff Writer

There are nearly 2,000 more females than males at SVSU, one of the largest such disparities in the state and larger than the national average.

According to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), reports from the 2008-09 and 2009-10 academic years indicate that on average, 57.15 percent of students enrolled in postsecondary institutions are females and 42.85 percent are males.

At SVSU, data from Fall 2011 enrollment showed that 59.2 percent of students are female, while only 40.8 percent are male. Similarly, Grand Valley State University’s Fall 2011 enrollment female to male ratio is 59-41.

These averages line up with enrollment statistics for the state of Michigan. Students in Michigan’s postsecondary institutions according … Read More…

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Foreign language speaks success

By: Blake Allen, Vanguard Staff Writer

As a student entering a culturally diverse world, learning a language opens doors for career and personal success.

SVSU offers courses for students who want to experience other cultures through language.

The University offers language courses such as Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese.

“In order to learn a language you must learn a culture, the two cannot be separate,” said Yang Liu, international student adviser and Chinese language instructor.

Speaking a different language tends to open doors for students that otherwise would remain closed.

“My goal is to gather interest in the language and with the language you get the culture as well,” Liu said.

She has been teaching Chinese to students since 2007 … Read More…

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History majors look toward future

By: Chris Oliver, Vanguard Staff Writer

History isn’t just a focus on the past, but rather an understanding of how and why things happen in today’s world.

Brad Jarvis, associate professor of history, said that an understanding of the past explains a lot in the present.

“In order to get a true understanding of today’s world, current affairs, the politics and why things are the way they are, knowing the history is a must,” he said.

“History is a door-opener,” he said. “You learn important skills such as writing techniques, critical thinking skills that might not be occupation specific, but are traits that all employers are looking for.”

Most students looking for a job regarding history look to the K-12 … Read More…

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Reported crime rates dropping

By: Joey Oliver, Vanguard Staff Writer

You don’t have to hide your kids or hide your wife any longer, as campus crime is on the decline.

“I feel very safe,” said Brittany Lagalo, an undecided sophomore. “I’ve never had anything happen to me to scare me.”

In fact, there has been a steady decrease in crime during the last four years.

According to the Saginaw Valley State Campus Police website, breaking and entering has been on the decline since 2008 when there were 25 reported cases. In 2009 there were 18 such cases, and last year the total was nine.

Larceny is also down. In 2008, there were 101 reported cases, 71 in 2009 and 99 last year.

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Racial history important to future understanding

By: Tyler Krzyzaniak, Vanguard Staff Writer



Sometimes, before you can look forward, you must look back.

Last Thursday, Henry Louis Gates Jr. addressed the significance of genealogy in his presentation, “Faces of America: The Genealogy of Racial Harmony.”

Gates is the director of African-American research at Harvard University. As a scholar and author, he has been involved with some of the first scholarly online resources in the field of African-American studies.

Gates has been a driving force behind projects to help African-Americans trace their genealogy back to their tribal roots.

These programs have previously shown the genealogy of public figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock, Don Cheadle, Morgan Freeman, Tina Turner, Peter Gomes and Maya Angelou.



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Getting by with some extra help

By: Katie Head, Vanguard Staff Writer



“Studying hard might be smart, but studying smart is absolutely brilliant!” is the slogan for an academic success program started this semester.

Tutoring for Academic Progress, T.A.P., is a program meant for all students who may need help with a particular course, strengthening their study skills or are ‘A’ students looking for that ‘A+.’

“We want to help students become better students,” said Ann Coburn-Collins, director of the office of adjunct faculty support.

This program provides students with both one-on-one and group tutoring sessions with a professional tutor who teaches in their content area.

“All tutors are members of the adjunct faculty with degrees,” Coburn said. “ They are professionals who have had experience … Read More…

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The gospel of motivation

By: Brandy Abraham, Vanguard Campus Editor

Self-described hip hop preacher Eric Thomas gives his 120 percent and motivates students’ to be involved in their own lives.

“You might have a 4.0 GPA here,” Thomas said during an event held last Monday, “but you will be competing against other people out there.”

Thomas wanted students to see the big picture about college success.

As a graduate student at Michigan State, he told students that as a high school dropout, chance and determination pushed him toward a future.

“I went to night school and I realized it’s important to believe that it’s something you can accomplish,” he said.

Thomas said that self-motivation is a “secret to success” because if people are willing … Read More…

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Dirty fun gains popularity

By: Chris Oliver, Vanguard Staff Writer

More than just a contact sport, the men’s rugby team has grown from a group of friends who wanted to get dirty into a unique social experience students can’t find anywhere else.

Since the club’s formation in 2008, the number of people on the team has gradually risen and the fan base has also grown at a steady pace.

Co-founder and team captain Mike Brennan said that he views it as a miracle that the team even took off.

“We first started with 15 players, barely enough to actually field a team,” he said. “We received help from the local men’s rugby team in the area, the Tri-City Barbarians, to get going, and it … Read More…

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