Studying internationally, in class

The international studies major isn’t just about learning foreign languages.

One issue those students can explore is how the war in Iraq affected the U.S. and its relationship with the world.

In an attempt to understand diplomacy, students study the way nations interact on military, economic and cultural levels.

Jordan Vang, international studies sophomore, said that a lot of skills are necessary in having a successful career.

“I want to be an interpreter, which takes more than just knowing languages.  It’s knowing the issues involved as well.”

Vang said that he is looking to do something in teaching, translating or  possibly as an ambassador.

International studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to train students to better understand the changing world economy and how to best react to it.

Diana Trebing, assistant professor of communication, said that the degree is necessary for a more global job market.

“It is a versatile degree that prepares students for work in an increasingly interrelated world.”

Each student has a choice with this major to choose a concentration.

Concentrations include: business and management, Asian studies and European studies.

The Asian and European studies concentration can be beneficial for students seeking a graduate career in international studies.

All students are required to learn a foreign language and take core curriculum courses from economics, literature, history, geography, political science and sociology.

“Along with a foreign language requirements, students in this major take courses in a variety of disciplines,” Trebing said.

The options in the program can be beneficial to other career areas, such as social work, nursing or criminal justice.

This is a focused major where students looked at a specific region of the globe and studied its history, economy and political structure.

Whether it’s Africa, Asia, or Western or Eastern Europe, students may have the opportunity to learn a language that interests them. Students may also choose to study abroad.

Trebing said that time abroad is necessary for international studies major to get the full experience.

“Study abroad is very important as it is a great way to immerse yourself in other cultures,” Trebing said.

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