Volume up: New tracks to add to your playlist

1. “Cool Kids” – Echosmith

RIYL: Paramore, Foster the People, American Authors


From charming the pants off of Warped Tour audiences last summer to wowing new label Warner Brothers, everything about Los Angeles, Calif., quartet Echosmith practically screams their assured success in the indie pop genre. Now under the wing of a major label, the band reissued their latest album Talking Dreams late last year and has started to find an increased success after touring with the likes of Owl City and Tonight Alive. The entire record is a extremely fun, bouncy indie pop record, but lead single “Cool Kids” seems to have the most potential for the band’s lasting success. Echosmith may not have felt like the “cool kids” when they first wrote this track, but I can practically guarantee they will be by the end of 2014.


2. “Boat Rich” – Dads

RIYL: American Football, The World is a Beautiful Place, You Blew It!


Through all of the recent discussion of an “emo revival,” many bands of genre that have grown used to going under the radar have now found their place in the spotlight. One of my personal favorites currently in the limelight is Piscataway, New Jersey duo Dads, whose most recent EP ‘Pretty Good’ was released last year on 6131 Records. Though only four songs, the EP makes a strong impression on its listener, combining a mixture of the fun and the melancholy for a diverse listener. My personal favorite off the EP is the cheekily titled “Boat Rich” for its earnest, light-hearted look at the on-the-road lifestyle.


3. “Messidona” – Driver Friendly

RIYL: Motion City Soundtrack, Cartel, Valencia


With such an oversaturation of indie labels currently on the market right now, it’s often hard to differentiate between those with worth, and those without. However, it’s safe to say that one of the most advisable to check out would have to be Hopeless Records. Boasting many acts that range from massive (All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday) to sizable (The Wonder Years, We Are the In Crowd), the label’s has one of the best variations in the alternative music scene right now. One of the label’s biggest charmers is Austin, Texas, sextet Driver Friendly – a band that seamlessly combines powerpop, punk and jazz all into one neat, energetic package. One of the best songs off of their impressive label debut ‘Peaks & Valleys’ is “Messidona” – a track that’s as vivacious as it is infectious. Also, check out the music video…a marvelous ode to the great Tom Hanks.


4. “Apartment” – Modern Baseball

RIYL: Say Anything, The Front Bottoms, Weatherbox

Now here’s a track that I feel many typical college students will be able to relate to. Though Brunswick, Md., alternative/emo quartet Modern Baseball has only been a band for the better part of three years, the effect they’ve had on their fanbase has been nothing but short of remarkable. Modern Baseball is the absolute culmination of what it’s like to both struggle through your 20s, yet still make it out alive in your sanity intact. Their sophomore full-length ‘You’re Gonna Miss It All’ was released last Tuesday, and after spending a fair amount of time with the record, I’d say the standout song has to be “Apartment” – it takes the most risks with the band’s formula and pulverizes its listener with some of their most interesting lyrics to date.


5. “Birthday Song” – Frankie Cosmos

RIYL: Best Coast, She & Him, Now Now


The final track I have for this issue was given to me two hours prior to writing this — it made that large of an impact that I absolutely had to include it. Frankie Cosmos’ (otherwise known as New York City native Greta Kline) latest song “Birthday Song” does an excellent job of creating the perfect landscape to drop her upcoming self-titled full length, due March 4th on Double Double Whammy Records. The song’s mid-tempo hop serves the song’s depreciating lyrics extremely well. While only 68 seconds long, the lasting value that the song holds not only makes it worth it — it’ll make you all the more giddy for what the artist has next.


“Cool Kids,” “Boat Rich,” “Messidona,” and “Apartment” can all be found on iTunes and Spotify, while “Birthday Song” can be found on the artist’s Sound Cloud page.

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