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Relaxation Night

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December 15, 2012 | Permalink

‘Sins’ unveils new look: Changes to campus art & literature magazine showcased at publication party

With a different look and feel, the new issue of Cardinal Sins is ready for reading.

Cardinal Sins celebrated the release of its fall 2012 issue last Wednesday in the Roberta Allen Reading Room.

Creative writing senior and Cardinal Sins editor Brandy Abraham thanked the audience of contributors, benefactors and readers who made the new issue possible.

During the event, Abraham announced that Cardinal Sins will now be available at Bay City and Saginaw libraries as well as the Barnes and Noble on Tittabawassee Road.

Abraham also announced that Cardinal Sins plans to attend the Association of Writing and Writing Programs conference in Boston in March.

Members going to the conference will distribute older editions as well as the fall … Read More…

December 10, 2012 | Permalink

Professional association helps writers network, gain skills for future jobs

A professional writing graduates’ future job isn’t only as an instruction book creator.

There are many jobs available for graduates to pursue, according to the Association of Professional and Technical Writers (APTW) President Scott Merrow.

Merrow said graduates of the program can become journalism editors and even social media directors.

“I like to tell people it’s like an English degree that can actually get you a job,” Merrow said.

Formed in 2007, the association meets every two to three weeks to promote the professional technical writing (PTW) major and the rhetoric and professional writing (RPW) department as well as establish collegiality among students and faculty.

The association hosts movie nights and guest speakers to connect peers and build skill sets … Read More…

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Moot Court teams to compete at national level

SVSU students are continuing to be successful in moot court competition.

Three teams from SVSU’s Moot Court program have qualified for the national Moot Court competition, in Virginia Beach, Va., on Jan. 18-19.

Mikaela Burch, a political science and criminal justice senior who is part of one of the qualifying teams, said she is excited about the national competition.

“The feeling that we had when we found out we were going to nationals and we placed fifth, that was probably one of the best feelings I’ve had in my life,” she said. “It feels good to put so much time into something, and find out (the judges) liked you over all these people.”

In a moot court competition, teams of … Read More…

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Workshops offer opportunities for improved student resumes

Resume workshops give students the chance to gain tools as they progress into professional fields.

The resume workshops offered by Career Services provide information and teach skills that can be helpful when applying for jobs.  The information is not only for students trying to build on their existing resumes, but also for ones who have yet to start. Students are given advice along with direct explanations on what to include and what not to include in their resumes.

Not only do the leaders of the workshops edit resumes, but also they are able to conduct mock interviews, help with certain groups on campus and assist in applying for specific jobs straight off the Cardinal Career Network.

Jamie Leyrer, assistant director … Read More…

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PHE Cheers drinking responsibility

Last week, Peer Health Educators (PHE) and Program Board sponsored a happy-hour event to promote safety during holiday festivities.

Sara Martinez, Student Counseling Center assistant director, said that they want students to be safe during the holiday season.

Happy Hour used a drunk-driving simulator to show students how much control they lose when under the influence of alcohol. A computer regulated delayed reaction times while the student “test-drove” in the simulator.

Biology freshman Aaron Shultz said that after participating in the simulation, he realized how much control matters when behind the wheel.

“You have to be in complete control,” he said. “Otherwise you put yourself and others in danger.”

Although PHE has used the drunk-driving simulator in previous years, Ashlie … Read More…

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Burning off pre-exam stress, relaxation night unwinds anxiety

Students looking for some relaxation before final exams found it through snacks, music, games and activities at Friday’s Relaxation Night.

The event, held to help students de-stress from the anxiety of finals, was put on by Peer Health Educators with assistance from Campus Recreation, Program Board, Residential Housing Association and Valley Nights.

Students were welcomed with goodies from Peer Health Educators which included a pill-a-day box filled with M&Ms, informing its users of the dangers of Adderall and similar drugs.

There were plenty of stress-relieving activities for the dozens of students who came out, including coloring, decorating gift bags, playing with Tinker Toys and filling up socks with rice to create neck pillows.

Vanguard photo | Amelia Brown

Relaxation night

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Chess club’s strategy for RSO success begins with 40 members

The fun and positive mental involvement of the newest RSO on campus is as clear as a checkmate.

Business sophomore Cameron Sydes, president of the RSO and avid chess player, feels that there is a definite desire on campus for a chess club.

While looking to join a club in his sophomore year, he realized that there was nowhere on campus where chess was regularly played. Sydes decided to be the one to create that group. With about 40 students who are interested in joining, the response has been positive.

“It helps me continue to be dedicated,” Sydes said. “Also, I get to help others enjoy their experience at the university.”

Sydes and the rest of the RSO are steadily … Read More…

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572 graduates take next step toward future: ceremony to commence Dec. 14

On Friday, SVSU will say farewell to yet another graduating class.

December is the second-largest graduating ceremony, behind the one in May and ahead of the one in August. This year, 572 students plan to complete degree requirements and graduate, with 434 receiving bachelor degrees and 138 receiving their masters or education specialist degrees. Just under 500 of these students plan to don cap and gown and march in the ceremony this Friday.

The ceremony will take place in the O’Neill Arena, inside the Ryder Center, at 7:30 p.m.

The December 2012 graduation class is comparable in size to last year’s graduation class, but a little larger than the class of 2010. That year, only 533 students made up the … Read More…

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Dreaming of a ‘green’ Christmas: Sustaining gift-wrapping ideas on a budget

‘Tis the season for clogging garbage trucks and landfills with 4 million tons of wrapping paper and grocery bags.

Because consumerism is at its annual peak, it’s more important than ever that you’re conscious of just how much you’re wasting. Try to find new ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive difference on the environment this holiday season.

With time and creativity, it is possible to do just that without compromising the rich, elegant look of an unopened gift under the tree. Or your pocketbook, for that matter.

For instance, I used the Sunday funnies and kraft paper to wrap and decorate my gifts this year, since it is considerably cheaper and both are easily recyclable, whereas … Read More…

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