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Relay For Life 2012 Video Blog

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Studying abroad at home

This summer, SVSU students will get a chance to take classes abroad without leaving campus.

Two classes taught by faculty from Ming Chuan University, the only U.S.-accredited university in Asia, will be offered on the SVSU campus for the first time in July, free of charge for SVSU students.

The classes, which will be taught by English-speaking professors from the Taiwanese school, will allow SVSU students to study with students from Ming Chuan who will travel to the United States to take classes for credit while being immersed in American culture.

Startup Business Chinese will offer an introduction to the fundamentals of Mandarin Chinese, especially suitable for learners who want to do business or work in Chinese-speaking countries. In the … Read More…

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Local leaders talk tuition

The question of who should receive in-state tuition rates at Michigan’s public universities continues as some schools debate whether to allow non-U.S. citizens who are Michigan residents to receive in-state tuition.

For University President Eric Gilbertson, there has been what he calls “a long-standing distinction between residency and citizenship.”

“Being a part of Michigan’s tax base is the reason for the distinction and the tuition break residents get,” he said. “Graduating from a Michigan high school counts as residency.”

While SVSU asks for citizenship status on the application form, it does not impact admission.

Michigan’s public universities have autonomy under the State Constitution to decide their criteria for admission and who is eligible for in-state tuition rates. U.S. citizenship is … Read More…

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Brandimore, student life director, resigns

Kim Brandimore’s replacement has big shoes to fill.

The student life director’s unexpected resignation left many students and faculty dumbfounded.

Her reasoning behind the decision is unknown.

Michele Yambrick, communications senior and chair of campus traditions on program board, gave insight into her absence.

“From what we understand, she felt she needed to dedicate more time to her family, and especially her son Brock, and that was not happening with this job,” Yambrick said. “This job was a very involved one, and Kim was always willing to take on and tackle projects.”

Kelsey Dubbs, elementary education junior and student life worker, said she was saddened by the news.

“I was incredibly surprised, because when you hear ‘Student Life’ you think … Read More…

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Founding a future, the University plans 50th anniversary

Plans for SVSU’s golden anniversary are under way.

In 2013, SVSU will celebrate 50 years of existence since the institution’s foundation in November 1963. The celebration will begin in January 2013 and will continue throughout the anniversary year. The planning of anniversary-related events in honor of the milestone are in the preliminary stages.

An 11- member anniversary planning committee has been formed to develop plans and ideas for the celebration. The committee is led by Carlos Ramet, executive assistant to the president and executive director of public affairs.

“All of the anniversary events and projects are aiming to commemorate the positive development SVSU has undergone over the last 50 years,” Ramet said.

Anniversary publicity has already begun through SVSU’s biannual … Read More…

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Tuition, construction plans and new smoking policy discussed at forum

It’s getting bigger and bigger, but is still the lowest in the state.

Tuition costs are expected to grow for next year, but SVSU is still cheaper than all other public universities in Michigan.

A student inquired about this financial concern in last week’s President’s Forum.

The University income primarily comes from the government and from tuition.

Vanguard Photo I Tyler Bradley

From left to right: Eltaro Hooper, Eric Gilbertson, Katrina Phillips and Andrew Northrop.

After a 15-percent funding cut last year from state legislators, the University increased tuition prices.

This year, three budget bills are moving through state government.

Those state bills have no proposed funding cuts to Michigan education.

However, the University is looking into other rising prices … Read More…

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Differences in Vietnam and Iraq war protests explored

In 2002, Malachi Ritscher posted a statement on the War in Iraq on his blog, a mission statement that placed him utterly against the war, and headed to protest at a freeway off ramp in downtown Chicago.

Holding a sign that read “Thou shalt not kill,” Malachi doused himself in gasoline and committed a horrifying act of self-immolation as onlookers drove by. This act, reminiscent of the Vietnam anti-war movement, was almost entirely ignored by the media.

Vanguard Photo I Sean Dudley

Melvin Small, a retired Wayne State professor, discusses differences in Vietnam and Iraq war protest strategies.

Last Tuesday, Melvin Small, a retired history professor from Wayne State University, pointed to this event in his lecture, “U.S. Antiwar Movements: … Read More…

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University prof leads beach-based service project

An SVSU geography professor’s passion for fresh water has fostered university-wide participation in the Adopt-a-Beach program.

Martin Arford, associate professor of geography, learned others on campus shared his interest and decided to get involved in the beach cleanup program.

“I was excited to find there were other professors and students with interest in fresh water, too,” Arford said. With the shared fascination, Arford was ready to begin his research.

“We could begin a collaborative approach to research – such as what is being done on the Kawkawlin River,” Arford said.

Adopt-a-Beach, run by the Alliance for the Great Lakes, incorporates volunteers who visit Great Lakes beaches during the spring and summer to observe beach conditions. They also pick up litter … Read More…

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Therapy majors care for community, mind and body

SVSU occupational therapy (OT) graduates are speaking out about how their program has provided life-changing options for its students.

A growing program at SVSU, the U.S. Occupational Outlook Handbook reported there were 108,000 OT jobs in 2010, and that from 2010 to 2020, majors in their field should expect a 33-percent increase in employment.

Yet, Matilda Bierlein, an OT graduate student said, “People are starting to realize it’s not just a job.”

Bierlein said an OT student realizes during their time in the program that they are not in it just for the job.

Justin Clark, an OT graduate, is starting his second level in the program next semester, and said they are taught to think about others more than … Read More…

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