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Freshman claims naked players rubbed against him, according to police report

The freshman football player who quit the team and withdrew from SVSU earlier this month due to a training camp incident may have been a victim of sexual assault, according to a 25-page police report obtained by the Detroit Free Press Friday morning.

In the report, the victim claims he was in the locker room, fully clothed, when a group of veteran lineman “formed a half circle around him and stripped off their clothing and towels.” According to the victim’s claim in the report, two unidentified players approached the victim, and “each of them deliberately rubbed his penis against (the victim’s) back and buttocks.”

The victim also claimed that another player “stood on a bench and jumped off” so that … Read More…

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First building in Pierce Road “mini-mall” set to open by November

Students could have access by Thanksgiving to a new business district between the Cardinal Townhomes and 7-Eleven on Pierce Road.

Construction on the first of two buildings in the district is set to begin this week, and a higher demand for space than expected has led to the 15,000-square-foot building already being full with restaurants and businesses.

Kochville Township Downtown Development Authority Director Steve King said that while he could not disclose what businesses have already claimed space, there would at least be “a sandwich shop and some other small restaurant-type places.”

The buildings will be constructed in a model that could attract national tenants such as Starbucks or Panera Bread over time. As a part of the Kochville Downtown … Read More…

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Five football players suspended for “uncategorized” incident

Five SVSU football players have been suspended by head football coach Jim Collins for violating team rules by their involvement in an incident that Collins called “uncategorized.”

Offensive linemen Tevon Conrad, Caleb Forr, Jack Raymond and Jesse Somsel and defensive end Nate Snyder will miss Saturday’s season opener against Valdosta State for what a article called “a hazing incident.”

“Nobody is categorizing anything yet because it’s still being processed,” Collins said. “There are a lot of things involved in how you categorize it, so at this point, until we’re finished with the whole process, it’s very difficult to comment.”

SVSU Director of Media and Community Relations J.J. Boehm said that the event happened during the middle of training camp … Read More…

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One-stop shopping

Renovations made in Wickes Hall are proving to be beneficial to staff and students.

During the summer the first floor of the building was transformed into the “Campus Financial Service Center.”

Vanguard photo | Tyler Bradley

Students test out the new Financial Services Center, which combines three offices: Financial Services, Scholarships and Financial Aid and Cashiers.

The student financial services, scholarships and financial aid, and cashiers offices were combined.

There is a row of help desks, and students wait in line for the next available staff member to assist them.

Jim Muladore, executive vice president for administration and business affairs, said the center makes it easier and faster to get students the help they need.

“Essentially, now most basic services … Read More…

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Student life revamped for new semester

Student life is geared up to reach students in a new way.

Kim Brandimore, former student life director, resigned at the tail end of winter semester.

Her absence prompted some changes in the office.

However, Merry Jo Brandimore, vice president for student affairs and dean of students, said the office was looking to make changes prior to Brandimore’s resignation.

She said students’ wants and needs are constantly growing, and it’s essential for student life to accommodate that growth.

“We looked at how to best organize the department,” Brandimore said.

The student life team now consists of three associate directors who each deal with different tasks.

Eltaro Hooper concentrates on Greek life, commuter programs, consumer corner and graphic imaging.

Katrina Friedeberg … Read More…

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Campus tutoring center makes reaching out easy

For many students, there is no better comfort than being confident in your classes and in your ability to succeed. The Center for Academic Achievement plans on helping build that confidence one student at a time.

The center, located on the second floor of Melvin J. Zahnow library, combines most tutoring services into one coherent, helpful and convenient location.

Before, with the chemistry and biology students working by the chemistry faculty offices and the math and physics placement nowhere near, finding help often proved to be frustrating for students.

While the Writing Center will stay on the third floor, combining the rest of the subjects, including biology, chemistry, math, physics, psychology and more, creates a single stop for any type … Read More…

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University goes online with academic profiles

In a world of ever-changing technology, paper resumes may be on the road to extinction. Unlike previous generations where a hard-copy resume was supreme, there are now easier and faster ways to share accomplishments with the click of a button.

This summer, SVSU began a one-year pilot program of ReadMedia, a web-based platform that allows universities to publish student achievements on the web, social networks and using traditional media. The university emails a link to student achievements through ReadMedia, and students can then post these achievements to a personalized profile.

SVSU University Communications, Web Communications, Admissions and Career Services contributed toward a subscription for the program.

“The program is a one-year pilot project, and after the year we will … Read More…

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SA prepares for Voter Registration Drive & Green Cardinal programs

Student Association is ready to begin the school year serving students’ interests and needs with some annual events, new efforts to go green and even a Mobile Secretary of State Branch.

“Student Association is dedicated to serving the student body. Whether you are an incoming freshman, or an outgoing senior, Student Association will do everything in its power to represent the interests of the student,” said Ted Goodman, SA president.

SA begins its first event the week of the rivalry football game between SVSU and GVSU. The 10th Annual Battle of the Valleys takes place Nov. 4 to Nov. 10. The fundraiser is a competition between students at SVSU and GVSU. Each year, the universities raise money for the week … Read More…

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Recent graduate accepted into internship in France

A recent graduate starts the next chapter of her life in a country where she’s studied its language the past four years at SVSU: France.

Ariel Simms graduated this summer with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in psychology and French with a minor in criminal justice.

She was accepted into the Teaching Assistant Program in France, sponsored by the French Ministry of Education, the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques and the Cultural Services Department of the French Embassy in Washington, D.C.

“The program accepts roughly 1,450 assistants per year and nearly 2,500 apply,” Simms said. She was the first student from SVSU to be accepted into the program.

“This is quite an honor, but also a testament to Ariel’s … Read More…

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Fun & free green dorm decorating ideas

Forget the cost and waste of dorm decorating.

Students looking to decorate their dorm rooms and can’t afford to buy the newest, often plastic, decorations can use what would normally be thrown away instead. Instead of purchasing, students can opt into recycling.

Jeanne Storck, columnist, said decorating with an environmental design in mind means that we are making our space sustainable.

“It’s about bringing a little soul into the rooms we spend time in,” she said.

She said everyone needs to resist the throwaway items that end up in landfills.

According to The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen, packaging materials from entertainment goods make up nearly one-third of landfill waste.

Food scraps make up another large … Read More…

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