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Short Opinion: Cardinal rules: A comparison of university mascots

Welcome back after what felt like a nice, long summer. Or maybe the summer wasn’t long enough for you. Either way, you’ve come back to continue your journey as a Cardinal. But what if we weren’t Cardinals? We have a fairly perfect mascot, but what if it were more bizarre?

For example, Dartmouth had to replace its mascot in 2003, and the students at the time voted for no mascot. But then an unofficial mascot named Keggy the Keg emerged through the help of a humor magazine on campus that created a huge keg mascot which started going to all the football games. He was, however, eventually banned from sporting events, but returned in 2011.

Ohio Wesleyan University is home … Read More…

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Long Opinion: How to avoid a mediocre freshman year

Hundreds upon hundreds of incoming freshman flooded the campus Wednesday, making many students grow wistful of the days when they were in their shoes. Optimistic, open-minded and afraid of what the world would bring, the dog days of your freshman year are some that you’ll engrave eternally into your brain. Unfortunately, in most cases, they’ll be for all of the wrong reasons.

You heard me right, newbies. For all intents and purposes, your first year at college will not be a thoroughly enjoyable one. That’s how it was for me at least.

As much as I hate to be a Debbie Downer about this, I fully object to the idea of sugar coating how “great” my freshman year was. I’ll … Read More…

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Under the Lights kicks off 2013

Students and community members alike lined up to attend the third annual “Under the Lights” event that allowed fans to get a closer look at the football team.

The event was very focused on the younger members of the community, featuring a bouncing castle and other games.

On the field the football team was spread around the field in stations that allowed fans to partake in drills so they could test their skills before playing a short scrimmage. The promotional scrimmage itself also involved students as head coach Jim Collins allowed nine volunteers from the crowd to join the team on the field and to call plays. Fans were also involved in competitions that included a kicking and passing contest.… Read More…

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Gilbertson to return as college professor

President Eric Gilbertson has given what could possibly be his last President’s Address.

“Almost exactly 24 years ago, I showed up at this event for the first time,” Gilbertson said. “It was held in Wickes Hall then, in what we now call the Marble Lecture Hall, when we could all fit in that room.”

This address Thursday followed the introduction of the 48 new faculty and academic staff, which includes Rama Yelkur, the dean of the college of business and management, and Mary Harmon, the dean of the college of education.

Going into the university’s 50th anniversary, Gilbertson spoke of changes occurring on campus including the energy-efficient external lighting fixtures, a renovation to the first floor space in the Regional … Read More…

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Dining Services, Marketplace unleash the food force

Dining Services aims to please students.

Students will see some changes this semester that reflect that.

A peer-to-peer dining services marketing team called the “Food Force” made its first appearance during freshmen move-in.

The job of these students is to get their peers excited about Dining Services and what it has to offer.

They can be found around campus and at events, offering up goodies such as prizes, coupons, T-shirts and samples.

Jason Wolverton, director of marketing for Dining Services, said Food Force is a fun way to connect with customers.

“It puts a creative and energetic face to Dining Services and students like it,” Wolverton said.

Sometime this semester, two working TVs will be added near the entrance of … Read More…

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Cardinals spend summer in Taiwan

Ming Chuan University in Taiwan welcomed a group of SVSU students for a month-long trip this summer.

History senior Phillip Geisz said the trip to Taiwan was a life-changing experience.

“The food, the people, the music, the night markets (and) the historical nature of Taiwan became imbedded into my mind and forced me to look at the world in a whole new perspective,” he said. “Students who fully absorb the essence of their study abroad trip will feel that their country of study was not a vacation destination, but a new home.”

Ming Chuan University is a U.S.-credited institution with three campuses in Taiwan. The university also has a branch on SVSU’s campus in the Regional Educational Center, which opened … Read More…

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Dogg Houze sets up shop

The Dogg Houze, the Cardinal Coney Island located in the new Cardinal View shopping center on Pierce Road, opens its doors, some days until 3 a.m.

Dan Bordeaux, part owner of the Dogg Houze, said that the eatery is designed for college students and for the college lifestyle. They first opened on Wednesday, Aug. 14.

“With the campus so close, students don’t have to go far to get a good bite to eat,” he said.

Depending on the season, the Dogg Houze will be open until 3 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“We just want to accommodate them (the students),” Bordeaux said. “That’s why we’re here.”

Menu items include something for everyone, including the “Saginaw Coney” and “Flintstone Coney,” … Read More…

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At This Time In University History

40 Years Ago

August 14, 1973SVSC’s tuition rose from $2 to $17 per credit hour, along with out-of-state tuition rising from $3 to $43 per credit hour. 

The College adopted a resolution to guarantee fair employment practices for all races and sexes. With this resolution, a committee was set up in order to attend to the alleged discrimination in the workplace.


35 Years AgoAugust 22, 1978

The Oscar P. and Louise H. Osthelder Charitable Foundation of Bay City created a permanent $10,000 scholarship to deserving SVSC students from Bay County.


30 Years Ago

August 8, 1983

The degree, bachelor of social work, was approved.


25 Years Ago

August 9, 1988
Members of the Bay … Read More…

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Learning through Service

Two years before the university was founded, the CIA was born. This year, the university founded its own CIA — Cardinals In Action.

Cardinals In Action (CIA) is a service-based freshman living learning community operated through Living Center Southwest with Resident Director Patrick Clark and Resident Assistants Brandon Skwirsk and Samantha Leslie.

“The basic idea is looking out for your neighbor,” Clark said. “It’s what America’s founded on.”

Vanguard photo | Pakeitha Oldham

Peer Health Educator Matt Walla signs students’ envelopes at the sexual health event Sex in an Envelope on Thursday in the TSAR.

Efforts to create the group began last fall.

The CIA is a one-year program open to all incoming freshmen, but is in pilot mode for … Read More…

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Bringing the cows home: LCN helps donate livestock to families in need

Devin Simon brought Farmville to life.

Simon, a pre-medicine graduate and former RA in Living Center North was looking for a creative program his residents would be interested in.

Last winter semester Simon’s mother told him about Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that gives livestock to families in need across the globe.

Simon decided the organization was one his residents would feel passionate about.

“I just thought it would be a really unique service project for freshmen to get involved in,” Simon said.

With the help of donations, the organization has been able to help over 65 million individuals boost their nutrition and become financially stable.

They learn to care for the animal they’re given, and if any babies are … Read More…

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