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‘Sins’ launches fall issue

Authors published in this semester’s edition of “Cardinal Sins” celebrated their achievements last Tuesday.

Vanguard Photo | Sean Dudley

Nathan Phillips, secondary education freshman, reads his first-place creative nonfiction piece, “The House of Light and Dark.” The piece won him $100 and recognition for achievement in the publication for the creative nonfiction category.

The post-publication party brought about 30 guests to showcase selected works and unveil the new issue.

The editorial staff did a blind vote to choose which student, faculty and staff works were published in the magazine.

“It’s always a difficult process,” said Emily Krueger, editor-in-chief.

Works were submitted in early fall with eight categories, including black and white art and photography, color art and photography, creative nonfiction, … Read More…

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Film society projects plans for new year

Movies that are not usually seen in theaters are continuing to show at the University.

For more than 30 years the Valley Film Society (VFS), which originally started at Delta College, has screened movies from all over the world.

VFS kicked off this year’s season with “A Man and a Woman” in October and will launch the second half of the screenings Friday, Jan. 13, with “Elsa and Fred.”

In May, members vote on between 50 and 100 movies to show for the next season.

The films are narrowed down to 15 to 17 films to present throughout the academic year.

Judy Johnson, a box office manager, said she enjoys getting to pick films she usually wouldn’t see around the … Read More…

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Prof on research: ‘The more you learn the less you know’

An obscure Scandinavian goddess is inspiring an SVSU professor’s poetry.

Arra Ross, creative writing professor, discussed her research on the mythological figure  Freyja at an English colloquium last Thursday.

She began her research approximately two years ago.

She received a grant for doing her research that she used to travel to places such as Iceland, Norway and Denmark last summer to understand the significance of Freyja in history.

“I’m still exploring all of this material,” Ross said.

The colloquium was part of a series of presentations and lectures that Janice Wolff, professor of English, is organizing to showcase the faculty’s research.

“We’re pooling creativity and putting expertise together,” Wolff said.

Mainly professors from the English department attended the event, but … Read More…

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Jazz ensemble features big band sound

Music isn’t always played by the books. Sometimes it’s improvised.

“It’s a pretty cool feeling to make up the music on the spot,” said David Tuttle, music education senior and clarinetist.

Improv solos were a main component of the Jazz Ensemble’s big band style concert on Thursday in the Rhea Miller Recital Hall.

Logan Hahn, music freshman and saxophonist, said that although solos sometimes stress him out, jazz solos are easier on his nerves.

“I’ve found if you get comfortable enough with the scales and chords you just feel the piece and it comes together,” Hahn said.

Jeff Hall, artist in residence, taught the class this semester and said that students are usually hesitant at the beginning of the semester … Read More…

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Biography uncovers secrets of iGeneration mastermind

“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

These were the last words of the legendary Steve Jobs, according to his sister, Mona Simpson.

They were Jobs’ last words but my first words after reading his biography by Walter Isaacson titled, “Steve Jobs.”

This book gives incredible insight into the inner workings of the genius that I believe is behind much of today’s technology.

It is the story of a college dropout who built an empire and set the pace for future technological development.

Isaacson makes an incredible attempt to describe Steve Jobs’ every success and every failure.

Isaacson interviewed Jobs more than 40 times over the course of two years, enabling him to uncover the life of a man “whose passion … Read More…

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Trouble on the road

The first snow storm of the season hit Saginaw at 8p.m. on Nov. 29, causing more than 40 crashes on I-75, according to local reports.

Since Michigan residents will soon face snowstorms as the winter season approaches, local law enforcement, automotive professionals and winter driving experts urge students to start preparing now.

Top 10 Winter Maintenance Tips

1.“Winter tires are going to be your best investment. If you can’t afford winter tires be sure to have the best tires rotated to the rear of the vehicle,” a Discount Tire employee said.

2.“Be sure your tire pressure is correct. Having a low tire may result in losing control since your car can be pulled side to side,” an Atlas Auto and … Read More…

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Sleep loss, not a quick fix

Students aren’t just losing sleep because of snoring roommates.

At the end of each semester, some students feel the need to study harder for exams and give up sleep to write term papers.

Yet studies have shown that lack of sleep can be more harmful than students know.

Julie Dowis, a registered polysomnographic technologist and a certified repertory therapist from the Covenant Sleep Disorders Center understands that students at this time of the year often put sleep on the backburner.

“Everyone knows what exam week brings,” Dowis said. “Students tend to burn the midnight oil.”

However, Dowis said that sleep is a necessity, especially for college students.

“Sleep is as important as the air we breathe, the water we drink … Read More…

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Driving a point home

What do a stationary golf cart and root beer floats have to do with drunken driving?

Vanguard Photo | Arianna Paver

Students had the opportunity to experience drunken driving without having to risk their lives.

Both were used to educate students on Dec. 8 through an event sponsored by the Program Board and Peer Health Educators, which collaborated to help students be aware of the dangers of drunken driving.

The DUI Simulator emulated real road driving conditions. The simulator was designed to realistically show participants the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol.

A Drunk Driving Simulator allowed students to drive in a simulated drunk mode.

The simulator demonstrates the dangerous effects of DUI/DWI driving, such as delayed … Read More…

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Poli sci is “what you make of it”

Political science has a market.

Among the current 200 political science undergraduate students, many are discovering the importance of scooping up internships and getting involved in campus organizations.

“So much of your post-grad success is going to depend on how you set yourself up,” said Erik Trump, political science professor.

Paul Lafata, a political science and communications freshman, has taken this advice to heart.

“There’s resources here that you can use, but once you’re gone you don’t have those resources anymore,” Lafata said.

He plans to look into the College Republicans organization and also hopes to complete an internship in Lansing or Washington, D.C., this summer.

John Kaczynski, political science professor, said that only 50 percent of political science students … Read More…

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Dumbledore’s Army wants you, keeps Harry Potter alive

The books may be written and the movies have ended, but Harry Potter fans on campus are determined to keep the series alive.

For graphic design senior Jenna Mahaffy, the Harry Potter series has always been an important part of this generation’s upbringing.

“I remember sitting on the school bus when I was in fifth grade reading the first Harry Potter book, and I knew right then that this was going to be a huge phenomenon,” she said.

Mahaffy is the cofounder, along with secondary education junior Shannon Davis, of the newly created Harry Potter RSO named Dumbledore’s Army.

“We began the process for registering the club this fall,” Mahaffy said. “Now that we have everything in the works, we … Read More…

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