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Cardinal men cruise in 3-1 semifinal win, gear up for National Championship game

Yesterday the men’s soccer team won the biggest game in school history.  Tomorrow they will play in an even bigger game: the NCAA Division-II National Championship against Lynn University (19-2-1).

For head coach Cale Wassermann, it’s business as usual.

“It’s pretty much the same routine for us as always,” Wassermann said.  “With the time of year and school work being a big priority, we’re just going to watch some film and have team meetings to get prepared.

“The big thing is getting our heads clear and ready for the next game.”

Yesterday, the Cardinals came out strong and never let the game get close, cruising to a 3-1 victory over Simon Fraser in the NCAA Division-II semifinals and continuing their … Read More…

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Donation adds extensive Joyce collection to library

For SVSU students, the works of early 20th century Irish author James Joyce just became more accessible.

The university recently received a donation of more than 350 books, including some first editions, written by or relating to Joyce that are currently being catalogued and prepared for circulation.

“Joyce has long been considered one of our literary giants,” said professor of English James Sullivan, who has taught two upper division courses on Joyce. “Three of his four volumes have recently been ranked among the top literary works of the 20th century: ‘Dubliners,’ ‘Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,’ and of course, ‘Ulysses.’ These texts and a host of critical commentary on them, make up the bulk of the generous … Read More…

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Valley’s Got Talent

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Feeding global interests: International Food Fest draws more than 1,800 attendees to sample ethnic dishes

Cooking up local dishes from home, students from 15 countries offered Marketplace at Doan diners a taste of the world last week.

International students teamed with Dining Services to make traditional, authentic dishes from their homelands to serve to the community.

“This event was as successful as last year, if not better,” said Pat Shelley, adviser of the International Food Festival.

Jason Wolverton, marketing manager of Dining Services, said the event went “great,” with approximately 1,850 attendees, which was up from last year’s  total of 1,800.

“We had lots of compliments from the patrons that came in,” Wolverton said.

In addition to a number of African nations, participating countries included China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, … Read More…

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N.Y. Times extends access

Students’ availability to the Internet has made the New York Times rethink how to best provide the newspaper to future readers.

Students can now read the New York Times online, utilize search engines and scroll through their archives, which date back to 1851.

Michael Mooney, New York Times education manager, visited SVSU to speak to faculty about the enhanced readership program, which began in Fall 2012.

“We are really trying to recruit faculty to mentor students into the brand, so they will continue reading it,” Mooney said. He said he hoped they would use the online source in their classrooms to let students know they have a resource readily available to them.

He said that with new search features such … Read More…

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Fagbug rolls over gender stereotypes

If it wasn’t for a car insurance company being backed up, Fagbug would never have started.

New York college student Erin Davies was the victim of a hate crime and had the words “fag” and “u r gay” spray painted on her Volkswagen Beetle because of a rainbow sticker on the back of her car and her perceived sexual orientation.

The crime occurred more than five years ago, but Davies brought her car to the university and spoke about her experience.

The Fagbug presentation was organized by Speaking Out Loud and sponsored by Student Association, Residence Housing Association and community organizations PFLAG and Perceptions.

The event received local coverage from WNEM TV5’s news station, which censored this word “fag” but … Read More…

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Grant to raise awareness of depression, ways to seek help

Students should know that they are not alone.

In August, SVSU, through the support of Jennifer Ordway, the director of the Student Counseling Center, obtained a suicide prevention grant. Since then, the center has been using money from the grant to get information out to students about suicide prevention, to help them realize warning signs of depression and the facts about their mental health.

Statistics compiled in the last year by the American College Health Association show that more than 45 percent of students have felt hopelessness. Almost 30 percent felt so depressed that it was difficult for them to successfully function. Nearly 7 percent had considered suicide and more than 70 students tried to commit suicide during the last … Read More…

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Networking benefits Career Fair attendees

Several local health-related companies talked to SVSU students about their career goals and offered insight on future employment at last week’s Health and Human Services Career Fair.

The fair was organized by Thomas Barnikow, assistant director of Career Services. Barnikow believes that career fairs, especially ones that are career-specific, are a great benefit for students. Career fairs are important for both freshmen just learning what they want to do and for seniors preparing to graduate and enter their field.

“Career Fairs are really an invaluable tool to each and every student that attends Saginaw Valley State University,” Barnikow said. “Having a separate Health & Human Services Career Fair is part of a bigger initiative that Career Services instituted earlier this … Read More…

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Open house creates cultural awareness

Staff at the Office of International Programs at SVSU opened their workplace to the campus community on Thursday to showcase the traditions and food of different regions of the world.

The Global Engagement Open House was held during National International Education Week. Offices were decorated to reflect the customs of Australia, Central Eurasia, Cuba, East Asia, France, Great Britain, India, the Middle East, Poland, Sub-Sahara Africa, South America and Ukraine.

“We’re trying to have everyone in the campus community aware of international programs and what the office is about,” said Stephanie Sieggreen, director of international programs at SVSU. “We want them to be aware of the different regions around the world and what they have to offer.”

SVSU held the … Read More…

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Zombie infestation tests student debaters

Last Monday, the Model United Nations club held a conference in which students represented nations on a committee tasked with holding civilization intact in a world overrun by zombies.

Students came in and picked their own countries to represent.  From there, they debated over issues that the MUN simulation staff presented.  Throughout the night, the staff came up with problems that needed to be addressed and students, in the character of their respective countries, debated it.

According to MUN staff, the turnout was much greater than they expected, and they were pleased to see the level of interest students brought to the table.

“It’s great being on the simulation staff so we can do things like this,” said political science … Read More…

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