Fighting through adversity win MDC, best Lakers

For the second time in three years, the SVSU Dodgeball Club brought home the Michigan Dodgeball Cup.

Saturday, the dodgeball club traveled to Michigan State to participate in the annual Michigan Dodgeball Cup tournament.  With four wins over Siena Heights, Michigan State, Central Michigan and Grand Valley State University, the Cardinals took home the cup while toppling an undefeated Lakers team that many throughout the conference considered the best in the nation.

Team captain Max Siler said the team had to fight through plenty of adversity to win the cup, but it’s the struggle that makes it special.

“We came into the tournament knowing that we had to play Grand Valley,” Siler said.  “We beat Siena Heights and Michigan State, then had to turn around with no break to take on Grand Valley.

“It felt amazing to overcome exhaustion and beat our undefeated rival.”

Grand Valley came into the tournament featuring a perfect 19-0 record, something that’s not easy to accomplish in the toughest dodgeball conference in the country.

“A lot of dodgeball people will tell you that this tournament is a great way to foreshadow what the national tournament will look like,” Siler said.  “Michigan has the toughest dodgeball schools, so when you get a bunch of teams together, it’s a good indicator for who’s the best.

“It’s the biggest regular season tournament of the year.”

On the journey to playing Grand Valley, the Cardinals beat Siena Heights 10-0 and Michigan State 3-1.

“The game against MSU was a lot closer than the score made it look,” Siler said.  “We had already beaten them this season, but they came out and played better than we expected.”

Against the Lakers, SVSU went up 2-0 with nine minutes remaining.  Grand Valley cut into SVSU’s lead to make it 2-1, but the Cardinals held on for the final five minutes to take down the Lakers and the tournament.

Siler added that the credit for the dodgeball team’s success has to go to the students who make up the team.

“It really gives us a sense of pride for the team and the university,” Siler said.  “It really reflects on the success of the students here at SVSU.

“Having a club sport bring home a trophy of this importance is really something special.”

The Dodgeball Club is also planning its second annual Alumni Game, in which past dodgeball alumni revisit SVSU to take on the current club team.

“We’re currently working out the details, but we’re definitely excited to host this game again,” Siler said.  “Trying to get gym space is a pain as a club sport, but we’re shooting for April just like last year.”

Next month, the club is also looking to host one last tournament at SVSU for the seniors leaving the club.

“We’re working on getting schools to sign up for a tournament next month right here at SVSU,” Siler said.  “We want to have a senior night where we can honor all of the guys who will be graduating next year.”

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