Dancing the night away

Couples with and without two left feet went toe to toe for prizes at Dance-A-Thon last Saturday.

For almost eight hours, several teams of two strived to be the longest dancing in the Thompson Student Activities Room.

Inspired by Jack’s Mannequin’s music video for “Dark Blue,” Residence Housing Association and Music ‘n Motion hosted the marathon of nonstop dancing.

Each group was allowed five 10-minute breaks to use the restroom, grab snacks or rest during the time period allotted.

The Valley Vanguard

Vanguard photo | Tyler Bradley

Students perform line dances and couple dances for Saturday’s Dance-A-Thon. Some participants danced for nearly eight hours until there was just one team still dancing. Dancers performed challenges, such as “turbo” dancing, in order to eliminate dance groups more quickly. Members of the winning pair, or the last two performers dancing at the end of
the night, took home $100 each.

Challenges occurred throughout the event to narrow down the competition.

Guests competed in line dance challenges where they would follow along to the “Macarena” or the “Turbo” on repeat without stopping.

After another challenge that showcased each group’s moves, teams voted on the least entertaining dancers, who were eliminated from the competition.

The winning group received $100 each.

Alex Chrzan, automotive marketing sophomore, and Chris Gehrke, athletic training junior, prevailed over the other participants.

Prizes were also given out for the team with the best outfits and best moves.

Chrzan dressed as a ballet dancer, and another guest dressed as Darth Vader.

The program was a fundraiser for the RHA and Music ‘n Motion conferences.

Cost to participate was $4 with an RSVP and $6 at the door.

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