Tuition, construction plans and new smoking policy discussed at forum

It’s getting bigger and bigger, but is still the lowest in the state.

Tuition costs are expected to grow for next year, but SVSU is still cheaper than all other public universities in Michigan.

A student inquired about this financial concern in last week’s President’s Forum.

The University income primarily comes from the government and from tuition.

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From left to right: Eltaro Hooper, Eric Gilbertson, Katrina Phillips and Andrew Northrop.

After a 15-percent funding cut last year from state legislators, the University increased tuition prices.

This year, three budget bills are moving through state government.

Those state bills have no proposed funding cuts to Michigan education.

However, the University is looking into other rising prices that could be a reason for the tuition increase.

“The increase will be an inflationary increase, not due to cuts,” President Eric Gilbertson said. “It will likely not be anything extraordinary.”

Cost of labor and contracts are undergoing inflation, so the University is looking to prepare for it.

The Board of Control will meet in May and again Monday, June 11, to determine the upcoming year’s tuition price.

As the last forum of the academic year, the public was invited to discuss any issues and concerns regarding the University to President Gilbertson.

Aside from price changes, students will see other changes on campus when they return in the fall.

Last year construction projects included the University bookstore and student life, but this year the University is focusing on detail.

“It’s mostly small renovations,” Gilbertson said.

Starting in May, Pierce Road will be temporarily closed off to install a roundabout.

Areas by the Cardinal Gym are looking to be repaved.

Wickes Hall will have a new Student Service Center on the first floor.

This place will have staff cross-trained to be able to help students working with registration and financial aid.

If students need more information than the staff is knowledgable about, an appointment will be made with the appropriate person or office.

The former Student Association office is finally looking to become occupied.

Housing and Residential Life is looking to become two separate offices with the opportunity for expansion.

Housing offices will relocate down the hall to the former Student Association office, while Residential Life will expand onto Housing’s current location.

Summer construction plans and upcoming smoking policies were addressed by Gilbertson and University staff.

While several students have been seeing others smoking in prohibited areas, questions concerning how the new policy that fines these smokers would be implemented.

“We as an institution want to make sure our officers are not enforcing the smoking policy,” chief of campus police Ron Trepkowski said.

He said he plans to have a group of student workers that deal with parking issues enforce it.

The president’s office will work on advertising to the student body about the policy adaption, its costs and where students are allowed to smoke.

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