Getting involved opens doors, opens minds

Working as a staff writer and photographer for the newspaper has pushed me to go to different lectures, programs and other events at the University and in the community.

Although the topics weren’t always necessarily something I was interested in learning about before going, there was always something I got out of the events I could apply in my own life.

Whether it be learning the power of forgiveness with humanitarian Amanda Lindhout’s lecture or gaining awareness of things we commonly say in diversity speaker Maura Cullen’s lecture, I’ve taken some of these things to heart.

Often times, I’ll go to events like these and despite heavy advertising for the event, not even one percent of students will attend them.

This week at the president’s forum, University staff outnumbered the students, which has become a major trend this year.

I’ve noticed that programs will only reach high attendance if professors make it a requirement to go.

Even extra credit opportunities barely bring out students.

I hear “there’s nothing to do at SVSU” on a weekly basis. When I hear that, I cringe.

There is always something going on at the University. Yes, that even means during the weekends when most students go home.

Check out the student happenings page online, read your mass emails and go to the programs.

Even if you may not be initially interested in them, there will be something more you can get out of it than you originally thought.

This year, the University attempted to break a world record in Zumba. Imagine: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a world record, but not even close to 20 percent of the student body showed up.

The world record wasn’t broken, even though we definitely had a large enough student body to potentially do so.

We have more than 10,000 students. Why aren’t we active in more than academics?

Many students aren’t even active enough to know we have a newspaper.

College is more than classes. Knowledge goes beyond the classroom.

College is an unique experience. Take advantage of every opportunity you can.

While there are several students here who make me wonder if they’re living under a rock, there are a select few that I see consistently at several programs.

Beyond attending these programs, they are involved on campus, not just in one registered student organization, but in several. Often times, they’ll hold more than one leadership position among them.

Some of them are pushing their involvements to the point of losing any social lives they may have had left.

They are working to make a better college experience not just for themselves, but for everyone else, too.

This involvement and leadership looks amazing on résumés, and it builds character necessary for social interactions.

But for some reason, few people seem interested in even joining one organization.

These people are the some ones avoiding University programming.

Employers want to see that you do things that aren’t required of you. College is the perfect place to explore these opportunities.

If nothing interests you, you can easily change that.

It takes three people and an adviser to start a registered student organization. Considering there are more than 10,000 students at SVSU, there are definitely others that will share your interests.

If you want to see things change, you have to make it happen.

I’m not sure what’s holding back this large portion of our student body from being involved, but I definitely recommend that everyone of us take up some sort of involvement outside of work and classes.

It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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