Future as depicted in Star Wars movies becomes reality

Just about everybody has watched the “Star Wars” movie series at some point in their lifetime. The movie takes place in the future, and contains many of the things that people consider futuristic, such as robots, space ships and even other forms of species. But what if I told you that all of this futuristic stuff was not all so far away?

If you watch any of the original “Star Wars” movies you will recognize many things. A lot of the things that might stick out to you might actually be things that are common in today’s world, yet you might not realize it.

For example, in the “Star Wars” movie series, there are all types of androids roaming about in the world alongside Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. The most famous of these in the saga are C3P-O and R2-D2. As a child you may have gazed over these shiny characters and thought that a real life version might be too farfetched.

But if you watch those same scenes now, you might be able reflect on the types of robots commonly found in our society. There are industrial robots that are used for jobs that require repetitiveness, speed and/or endurance. Mobile robots are used to transport cargo from one place to another without the need for a pilot. A famous type of robot is the Telerobot, which you have more than likely seen as the arm gathering materials in space from a space shuttle. The idea that robots might be joining us in society is not a dream; it is reality.

The comparisons from today to “Star Wars” does not end there. You might recall from the movies that some of the androids and computers make funky sounds that are comparable to beeps. Again, as a youngster you might have dreamed of living in a time when this, too, was common. Today, it is very common. If you have a cell phone you have probably grown used to the various sounds that come from making a call, taking a call or receiving a text message. You can set you phone to vibrate, or you have the sound on which reveals the same beeps that you once heard from your television set. It has grown so common that you do not even realize that what you once thought was so far in the future is right now. Let us not forget that the shape of these cell phones are very identical to something from another science fiction show.

“Star Trek” is completely different than “Star Wars,” yet the comparisons to modern day can be made just as often. The shape of modern cell phones are eerily similar to the mobile devices used in that television show and movie series. Used in order to contact other crew members aboard space ships and other planets, these communication devices are exactly what cell phones are today. In fact, today’s cellular devices may have even exceeded the limitations that these fictional toys had.

Even space shuttles are seen as a little bit common. Space shuttles are the same as space ships in this regard, carrying men and women into space on missions to go where nobody has gone before. People have walked on the moon, robots have been sent to Mars and discoveries are being made that can only help push us towards physically landing there, too.

Yet another thing from these movies that you may see today is the hologram. Holograms are not the actual people or object they look like, but are actually computer-animated features. Depicted on the show “Star Wars” as a neat tool used to relax, holograms and worlds created by holograms are used today in many different ways. One way is to help soldiers practice real life exercises as if what they were seeing was real.

Some gadgets are not as nifty as others. Dishwashers clean your dishes for you, and some might seem like artifacts at this point, but at one point in time they were futuristic in their own right. Vehicles made accessible for those who are handicapped or injured may be viewed the same way, as old. Microwaves are a way to bring old or frozen food to a level where you can actually eat it. If you watch something on television depicting the future, you will likely see these things used even more so. These modern depictions of the future has much to show us about what our future may hold.

If you think of “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” as the future, you may soon realize that the future is now. And if this is the case, imagine of all of the new toys and features that life is bound to present to us. Personally, I am hoping for a machine that makes whatever type of food you ask it to. I can’t imagine anything better than an ice cream sundae on Mars.

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