Brandimore, student life director, resigns

Kim Brandimore’s replacement has big shoes to fill.

The student life director’s unexpected resignation left many students and faculty dumbfounded.

Her reasoning behind the decision is unknown.

Michele Yambrick, communications senior and chair of campus traditions on program board, gave insight into her absence.

“From what we understand, she felt she needed to dedicate more time to her family, and especially her son Brock, and that was not happening with this job,” Yambrick said. “This job was a very involved one, and Kim was always willing to take on and tackle projects.”

Kelsey Dubbs, elementary education junior and student life worker, said she was saddened by the news.

“I was incredibly surprised, because when you hear ‘Student Life’ you think of Kim,” Dubbs said.

J.J. Boehm, director of media and community relations, said Brandimore was the perfect fit for her job.

“She had great enthusiasm for her job and the students she worked with,” Boehm said.

Brandimore held the position for four years. Previously, she served as a resident director for two years. She is also an SVSU alumnus.

Boehm said the University plans to hire a replacement, but there is a possibility the job description will change.

He said it is important to acknowledge students’ expectations of student life, which are increasing.

“We want to make sure we are able to deliver good student life to them,” Boehm said.

He said the upcoming summer break allows senior administrators a sufficient amount of time to tweak the position’s duties and hire a replacement.

The Vanguard was not able to contact Brandimore.

Boehm said it takes a special individual, such as Brandimore, to work in student life.

“If you’re going to work in student affairs you’re going to have to work with all elements of diverse college students,” Boehm said.

Boehm said Brandimore had a deep and abiding love for students, which is an essential quality in a replacement.

Dubbs said a student life director should also know how to go with the flow.

“They have to be easygoing and willing to roll with the unexpectedness that tends to come up,” she said.

Along with expecting the unexpected, Brandimore was always on her toes.

She had many responsibilities, including overseeing the Student Life Center and staff, and ensuring that numerous events went smoothly. She also served as Program Board adviser.

Despite all the responsibilities, Dubbs said she was always able to maintain a positive attitude and make students feel important.

“You could be having the worst day ever and she would make you feel so much better,” Dubbs said.

Boehm said Brandimore was known for talking to students one on one, and she really connected with them.

“It’s clear that she had a close relationship with a number of students,” he said.

It’s a bad time to lose Brandimore, as several end-of-the-year events are taking place.

However, Boehm said Student Affairs is successfully picking up the slack.

“Everyone is doing the best that they can to keep everything going as smoothly as possible during the weaning weeks of the semester,” he said.

Brandimore’s replacement will be appointed before the fall semester is under way.

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