Construction brings new opportunities

New and returning Cardinals should expect to see several changes around campus from this summer’s construction.

Costing nearly $14 million, the expanded dining and athletic facilities are to keep up with student demand.

Students will see The Marketplace at Doan in the fall semester in place of the RFoC.


Construction continues on the Ryder Center addition, which will add new basketball courts for intramural use as well as an elevated running track.

Following renovations, the eatery will feature a state-of-theart Mongolian grill, a brick oven for a new pizza station, a new tray collecting system and additional seating.

The Marketplace at Doan will also move into the former Cardinal Cage space as part of its additional seating.

Jason Wolverton, marketing manager for Dining Services, said that the Marketplace at Doan was the original name for the RFoC.

“The RFoC was actually just a trademark name by Aramark, but we decided to go with a name that represented freshness and quality,” he said.

Barnes & Noble recently moved from the Rotunda to Curtiss Hall. The Student Life Center, which was next to the Independent Bank, will move into the former Barnes & Noble location. Jeremy Frye, the assistant manager at Barnes & Noble, said the change is beneficial for the store’s overall mood.

“The new Barnes & Noble has an atmosphere that will give more of a feel that a college bookstore should have,” he said.

The installation of the boulevard at the Bay Road entrance will add scenery for students as they come into campus.

President Eric Gilbertson and Stephen Hocquard, assistant vice president of Campus Facilities, said even though the boulevard will add more scenery for students, safety was the primary reason for its installation. “The boulevard was installed as a safety precaution for students and guests to make it obvious that there is a right turn on Bay,” Hocquard said.

The Ryder Center construction that began near the end of winter semester will be complete at the beginning of the fall semester.

An expansion of the athletic facilities and a second floor addition will allow more room of students to exercise.

Hocquard hopes students will be satisfied with the additional room in the Ryder Center.

“I think that it would be a pretty good surprise to the students as it will give them more space to play,” he said.

New diving boards and a new score board will be added to the pool area in the Ryder Center. This will allow SVSU to become a site for regional high school competitions.

The last major upgrade is taking place inside Wickes Stadium. New lighting will be installed, allowing SVSU to host night games, including one that will be nationally televised at 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20 against Ashland University. The turf, which Gilbertson said has not been replaced in 12 years, also will be replaced.

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