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Encore keeps autumn spirit alive with annual concert

With Encore’s latest shows on Friday, Nov. 21, and Saturday, Nov, 22, it is clear that the group is getting too popular to be contained in the Rhea Miller Recital Hall.

Next semester, the group will be in the Malcolm Field Theatre with more than enough seating and space to fit the enormous amount of talent that the group contains.

The latest shows, which were deemed the annual “Fall-a-Palooza,” featured large group numbers and a variety of alternative hits, such as “Pompeii” by Bastille and Panic! at the Disco’s “This is Gospel.”

The show’s genre emphasis opened up the opportunity for Encore to implement more of its own style and ideas.

“With two a Capella numbers, several dance-intensive numbers and … Read More…

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Black Friday consumerism takes away from true meaning of Thanksgiving

I hate Black Friday. I hate it with an intense passion.

The entire premise behind the whole idea of Black Friday revolts me, and it also revolts me that not more people are revolted. Seriously, I know people joke about it, but Black Friday is the epitome of so many aspects of American capitalism and consumerism that is just flat out wrong.

People say things jokingly like “Black Friday: The day people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for everything they have,” but does anyone else see how pathetic that is?

Black Friday has slowly been taking over Thanksgiving, forcing so many retail workers to work over the holidays because they are too afraid to say … Read More…

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Seibles accepts Roethke award

The Theodore Roethke Poetry & Arts Festival paid tribute to the Saginaw native and Pulitzer-winning poet, known for his critically acclaimed and influential verse.

Made possible by a grant from the Michigan Humanities Council and sponsored in part by SVSU, the triennial celebration kicked off Friday, Nov. 7, with a poetry slam for adults and students in the Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum.

The following day, Saturday, Nov. 8, the festival took to the historical Roethke home, featuring readings of letters written from and about the homestead. The “Ted (Roethke) Talk and Tasting” took place later that day at Creative 360 in Midland.

On Sunday, Nov. 9, and Monday, Nov. 10, the festival was brought back to SVSU in the Rhea … Read More…

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International feast chews through borders

To celebrate SVSU’s diverse international student population, the Marketplace at Doan hosted the International Food Fest on Tuesday, Nov. 11, for  members of the community and university.

The Marketplace was closed from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. to set up for the event. Participating international students, who prepared for days prior to the event, had decorated their stations and set up their food to represent their native cultures.

Vanguard photo | Cody Shrader

e Marketplace at Doan invited community members, students, faculty and staff to sample cuisine from various cultures at the annual International Food Festival on Tuesday, Nov. 11. SVSU international students prepared entrées and desserts considered traditional fare in their home countries.

The Marketplace offered community members, faculty, … Read More…

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Looking beyond the melody: Consider lyrics before blindly supporting music

The music industry nowadays is more diverse than it ever has been, and everybody can find some genre that fits their desires. Music is ingrained in our society and plays in our commercials, television shows, movies, et cetera. We can access music via the radio, YouTube, Spotify and many other social media sites and apps. Every day we hear music, and thus every day it has some influence on us.

But is this really such a good thing?

For me, the answer is both yes and no.

Yes, music can be an amazing influence on our day. I wake up every morning to “On Top of the World” by Imagine Dragons, and that makes my day start off in a … Read More…

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Student Association endorses voting for all

As a part of their civic responsibility, many students let their votes represent their voices Tuesday, Nov. 4.

As the results of Election Day rolled in, Student Association hosted an event for community members of all political affiliations, hoping to get students excited about the outcome of the democratic process.

Despite it being a non-presidential election year, Brandon Errer, legislative director of Student Association, believes the results are just as – if not more – important than those of presidential election years.

However, according to Errer, only 15 percent of the college-aged population voted in this election.

“If we don’t vote, our demographic doesn’t get a voice,” Errer said. “If our demographic doesn’t get out to vote, then our legislators … Read More…

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Informed voting crucial for hearing the voices of younger generations

This past week was National ‘Murica Day, where millions of United States citizens came out to vote on the 2014 ballot. Others would call this Election Day, and it is seen as the one day out of the year where everyone has the opportunity to raise their voice and vote on the ballot to decide the nation’s future.

Citizens were called to action to vote on political leaders and issues, and according to recent statistics, it’s kind of a big deal to most United States citizens. It’s democracy in action, and what could be more shiny and glorious than that? Nothing, right?

Well, truth be told, I did not vote. I am not even a registered voter, and I don’t … Read More…

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Haunting holiday scares up fun

Hardly a location on campus was untouched by end-of-October spirit as events, decorations and festivities celebrating both Halloween and Dia de los Muertos gave students opportunities to break away from the routine of a hectic semester.

“It was awesome that this fell on Dia de los Muertos because it was a nice change in theme than the traditional horror films,” Eliza Lanway, program coordinator for Student Life, said.

Vanguard photo | Jamie Loubert

The Halloween weekend’s activities included a haunted house, a Halloween Bash, a costume contest and sugar skull decorating, shown above.

In the living facilities, many resident assistants created programs based around the holiday, including reverse trick-or-treating, pumpkin decorating, face-painting and door decorating contests.

The Pine Grove Community … Read More…

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Technology improves social interaction instead of stifling it

If you travel back to the past with a time machine (preferably a blue one), grab someone from 50 years ago and bring them to modern day 2014, the first thing that person would probably notice is that there are no flying cars.

The second thing he or she might notice is that everyone has their faces pointed into small rectangles in their hands. The person would be really confused as to why everyone is ignoring each other in favor of  these small rectangles we call smartphones, then proceed to have a mental breakdown because, holy crap, he just traveled through time into the future, and that’s a tad bit overwhelming.

A lot of people would agree with this now … Read More…

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Theater department brings dignity to Steinbeck classic

“The Grapes of Wrath” is a story that has been significantly important since its release 75 years ago.

To celebrate this milestone, the SVSU Theatre Department chose this play to kick off its 2014-2015 season, and reminded audiences that “The Grapes of Wrath” tells a story that is not just relevant to the era it was released.

Vanguard photo | Jamie Loubert

Cast members from the SVSU Theater Department’s most recent production “The Grapes of Wrath” perform in a scene during their week-long run in the Malcolm Field Theater. Directed by theater professor Dave Rzeszutek, the production opened the department’s 2014-2015 season last week, while also celebrating the novel’s 75th anniversary.

No, it is a story that relates to today’s … Read More…

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