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Sliding into fall semester with a splash

Freshmen and returning students alike celebrated their first weekend on campus with food, fun and community.

Events were offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday on campus, including a comedy night, a flash mob and a barbeque.

Many events were geared towards introducing new students to SVSU.

Vanguard photo | Jamie Loubert

Students coast down a slip ‘n slide Sunday, which was just one of several events that took place during Welcome
Weekend. Some events were purely for entertainment, while others served to educate new students about college life.

“I love being on campus,” said international business freshman Kayla Richmond. “A lot of events have helped me find out where things are on campus and find more people with the same interests.”… Read More…

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Streamlined navigation coming to website

SVSU’s online presence is being revamped.

The SVSU website is one of the platforms that is going through changes. The current design of the website is dated, having been in place for five years now.  Currently, there is a preview available for the new design.

According to Jason Swackhamer, director of Web Communications, the goal is to make the website modernized, so most of the changes will be “cosmetic” in nature.

“The homepage (will be) the most altered with a reformatted navigation bar, inclusion of a featured events calendar, campus news briefs and a shift in style of the primary image rotation,” Swackhammer said.

Not only is the website design changing, but mySVSU ( is becoming more integrated into the … Read More…

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Bachand sets goals, aims to reach existing ones

University President Donald Bachand is ready for the new school year.

“There’s nothing more exciting or exhilarating than having all the students come back to campus after three months of relative peace and quiet,” he said. “We’re all ready to go. It’s the beginning of another exciting year.”

Bachand said recruiting students is the university’s biggest challenge.

“We are going to increase our efforts to recruit, retain and graduate students,” Bachand said. “We’re going to intensify the focus on those goals, while doing everything we can to make college as affordable as possible.”

Bachand said spreading the word about SVSU is a university-wide goal.

“Recruitment is not just for admissions,” he said. “It’s going to be the job of all … Read More…

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Annual Walk raises funds, spirits for survivors

Educating people about the realities of mental health and suicide and crossing the finish line were the goals at hand for the fourth annual Walk for Hope.

Last Sunday, residents throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region, along with students from both SVSU and Northwood University, helped with and participated in Survivor of Suicide’s Walk for Hope at Northwood University in Midland.  The goal for the walk was to raise awareness as well as funding to help survivors of suicide – those who have had a family member complete suicide.

Over 800 walkers participated in the 5k walk, with more than $43,000 raised to help fund programs to train people to deal with mental health issues and suicide.

“Survivors of Suicide … Read More…

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Regional Education Center renamed to honor Gilbertson

Former President Eric Gilbertson may have stepped down, but he is still present on campus in more ways than one.

A resolution was passed last Monday at the Board of Control’s regularly scheduled meeting to change the name of the Regional Education Center to Eric R. Gilbertson Hall.

The plan to rename the Education building has been in the works for a few months, as individuals wanted a way for Gilbertson to be remembered for his 24 years as university president.

Jeff Martin, SVSU Board of Control chair, headed the special committee that was formed months ago to make the resolution to rename the building. Board members Scott Carmona, Jenee Velasquez and Jerome Yantz joined him, along with President’s Office … Read More…

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Cardinal Fitness getting in shape for new academic year

Getting involved and staying active on campus doesn’t just mean joining intramurals or club sports anymore.

Cardinal Fitness, run through the recreation center, has offered fitness classes that are quick and easy ways to be involved and meet new people

It is sometimes hard to put a team together for intramural sports. Fitness classes, on the other hand, are not team-oriented. Interested students simply sign up and walk in.

Along with that, there are many different class options, leaving it open for students to do something they enjoy. Some include yoga, kickboxing and kettleball.

The recreation center will hold 28 different classes this fall. To accommodate more students, classes will now be offered earlier in the day instead of just … Read More…

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Administrative shifts ensure collaboration, cohesiveness

As summer break comes to a close, the SVSU administration is geared up with big changes for fall semester.

Under the new establishment of President Donald Bachand, Enrollment and Student Affairs will now be under the umbrella of Academic Affairs as a whole with a leadership team that will focus on enhancing student success.

Organizational changes within the President’s Office have also occurred as office titles and roles are adjusted to optimize SVSU’s ability to help students.

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Deborah Huntley stressed that this change is not uncommon in universities. She said the goal of this move is increased collaboration rather than to gain control over the different sections of administration.

“It became increasingly clear … Read More…

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MedExpress increases co-pay for office visits

Changes are being made all over campus in anticipation of the new semester, and the MedExpress clinic is no exception.

The University Health Center has decided to increase the co-pay for office visits this school year. The previous $12 fee has been raised to $20.

Paul Schaub, Covenant Healthcare MedExpress manager, said prices for other services have not changed, but raising the co-pay price was seen as reasonable.

The main factor accompanying this change is total cost compared to the student’s payment. The average visit for the students’ trip to the Med Express costs approximately $105. Subsidized care by the university covers the majority of this fee while students previously only covered $12.

The goal of this act is to … Read More…

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Account refunds available for direct deposit

Students can now enter or modify their bank account information using the SVSU Portal to have account refunds deposited directly into their bank account.

Any refund owed to the student, including refunds for overpayment or excesses of financial aid, will be deposited into said account. This process is now available for accounts at any bank in the United States.

The main advantages of this implementation are the replacement of the paper form previously used to sign up for direct deposit and the convenience of having the money go directly to the student’s bank account.

This process, however, is limited to student account refunds and cannot be used for payroll.

The steps behind setting up the direct deposit are simple.

Students … Read More…

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Unveiling Ming Chuan University’s new campus

A freshly renovated space means more opportunities for Ming Chuan University’s Michigan campus.

Ming Chuan University is SVSU’s sister school, based in Taiwan.

Its new space, which is located in the north wing of the Education building here at SVSU, was unveiled June 23 and a celebration accompanied it.

Several individuals attended the grand opening, including President Chuan Lee of Ming Chuan University, SVSU President Donald Bachand and former President Eric Gilbertson.

The school sign was unveiled at the ceremony. A traditional lion dance also took place.

Even after the festivities ended, the new Ming Chuan campus kept buzzing.

Lee and his family paid a visit, along with Ming Chuan University alumni from all over the world and two student … Read More…

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