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How will the next SA President represent you?

This week, students will vote on a new President for Student Association. The two candidates are incumbent and biochemistry junior Dylan Kosaski and Speaker of the Association and communication junior Joey Rexford.

Vanguard photo | Logan Mooney

A new year calls for the election of a new Student Assocation President. From left, candidates include current SA Speaker of the Association Joey Rexford and current SA President Dylan Kosaski.

For more information on the candidates, a debate will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 31 in the Alumni Lounge. Voting opens at 8 p.m. on Monday at


Why do you want to be President of Student Association?

Kosaski: The opportunities that are available in this position are … Read More…

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Creators of SVSUCrushes reveal all in exclusive interview

Last year, a new Twitter page arose that took the campus by storm with the tag @svsucrushes2.

Since then, SVSUCrushes has grown to have around 3,400 followers, and still growing, as well as having posted over 7,000 tweets.  But for the most part, those who run the page have remained anonymous, not allowing themselves any sort of claim to fame and instead sitting in the background, watching students and keeping their secret to themselves.  However, in an exclusive interview, the anonymous people who run SVSUCrushes have divulged some information about what it is like being the mysterious force behind the popular page. These people have requested they remain anonymous, though, in the following Q&A.


So what made you decidedRead More…

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What to expect from upcoming HLC visit

The phrase “HLC accredidation” has been showing up on SVSU’s website, in classrooms and even on bathroom doors in order to inform the student body of the upcoming process.

According to Marc Peretz, associate provost and accreditation liaison officer for SVSU, the general process is that the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has five criteria that every school has to meet.

The five main criteria for accreditation are “Mission,” “Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct,” “Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support,” “Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement” and “Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness.”

SVSU went through a self study process to determine how the university meets each criterion and to offer supportive evidence. This was an over two year process and … Read More…

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Graduation in comparison

SVSU may have outgrown its current graduation model, but how does the newly organized May ceremony compare to Spring Commencement at other Michigan universities?

This year, for the first time, SVSU will be splitting its May graduation ceremony into two separate ceremonies spanning two days. Students graduating from the College of Business and Management the College of and Health and Human Services will have commencement at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 9. Students graduating from the colleges of Arts and Behavioral Sciences, College of Education and College of Science, Engineering and Technology will have commencement 11 a.m. Saturday, May 10.

These ceremonies will be in the Ryder Center and include all graduating students, those completing bachelor’s degrees, as well as those … Read More…

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Breaking stigmas about mental health, body image

Mental illness, eating disorders and body image are all words that often raise unpleasant thoughts in our mind. That is exactly what SVSU’s chapter of Active Minds is trying to eradicate.

This past week, Active Minds put on Eating Disorders/Body Image Week with the goal of informing students about various eating disorders and mental illness and encouraging positive body image.

“We’re changing the conversation on mental issues,” said social work senior Cara Cole. “Lots of what goes on with eating disorders is about how we think about ourselves.”

To reach this goal, the group had multiple components for the week.

Cole said that Active Minds started with a Facebook event where they created a daily status with a positive message … Read More…

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Education, reproductive health crucial for women’s’ success

Even in a patriarchal society, women do have voices.

Three women put their voices to good use, advocating for and preaching the benefits of education for young girls and women, at a staff and faculty speaker panel Tuesday, March 25.

The panel, the fourth event in the film and speaker series to commemorate Women’s History Month, featured Jenna Briggs, Nichol Krupp and Dr. Audrey Stryker.

Briggs, director of Graduate Admissions, discussed cultural issues surrounding women and education.

In developing nations, young girls, rather than getting a foundational education, are often whisked into marriage with much older men, soon bearing their children.

There, one out of nine girls is married before the age of 14 and one out of three is … Read More…

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Disney movies aren’t just for tots

Whether it’s watching “The Lion King” for the 50th time or “Frozen” for the first time, Disney movies are a well established experience in our culture, and now they’re coming to SVSU.

Three freshmen: Bethany Weller, Nichole Montney and Tricia Cole are self-proclaimed Disney fanatics and are taking their passion for these movies to the next level with a new RSO Big Kids on Campus.

Cole said the idea came while they were in their residence halls coloring.

“We were listening to Disney music and just thought how cool it would be to do something like this,” she said. “The main idea is to be a destresser and have fun. To go back to our childhood.”

Once the girls decided … Read More…

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Flooded with science: geological evidence for Noah’s story

The Biblical account of an ancient catastrophe might not be just a story.

Bruce Malone, author and founder of Search for the Truth Ministries, spoke last Thursday about the scientific evidence for Noah’s flood.

“The evidence fits the Biblical explanation,” Malone said. “When you Google these things you’ll get a superficial explanation, but when you dig deeper, the answers don’t make sense.”

As described in the book of Genesis in the Bible, the flood was the total destruction of mankind by water, save for the people and animals aboard Noah’s ark.

Malone discussed rock layers and the power of moving water in his explanation. He said the presence of that much water would have created mountains, moved continents, caused erosion, … Read More…

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Men’s Club Lacrosse: Thrilling overtime victory to start year 4-1

Saturday, the SVSU men’s lacrosse club improved its record to 4-1 on the season by taking down 25th-ranked Ball State at home.  The 11-10 overtime victory came despite the Cardinals coming into the fourth quarter down by a score of 10-5.  According to sophomore goalkeeper Nick Ruby, the win proved that SVSU is a team to contend with this season.

“It was a great win, really intense and thrilling in overtime,” Ruby said.  “The win really set us up for a solid season going forward.

Vanguard photo | Cody Shrader

Despite being down 10-5 in the fourth, SVSU rallied and tied the game at 10 apiece in the fourth quarter before winning in thrilling fashion.

“Ball State is a good … Read More…

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Baseball: Losing streak continued as Warriors hammer out 15 runs

For the men’s baseball team, even when it doesn’t rain, it pours.

A week after snapping its six-game losing streak, SVSU dropped three consecutive games to bring its overall record to 4-12, 1-5 in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC). The team’s record puts them in last place of the GLIAC.

On Sunday, the Cardinals dropped a pair in a road doubleheader against the Wayne State Warriors.

Game one was not what the Cards were looking for when they began the day.

Sloppy play and poor execution put SVSU behind the eight ball immediately. The Warriors took advantage of every Cardinal miscue en route to a 15-0 stomping.

SVSU shortstop Chris Perkovich said that the team just did not … Read More…

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