At This Time in University History

40 Years Ago

For the ten-year anniversary of SVSC, the college creates a documented entitled “Design for a Second Decade.” The document outlines many goals for the following ten years, including encouraging recreation, cultural activities and more informal associations.


242 volumes, including 171 new books, were processed and cataloged, bringing the total number of titles in the library to 71,805.


35 Years Ago

The Department of Health, Education and Welfare provided SVSC with a $464,240 grant to help build the Bachelor of Science in nursing program. This grant helped make the Health and Human Services building a reality.


30 Years Ago

Though the state continued to cut funds, SVSC began a new building project initially called “Instructional Facility No. 2”. This includes three buildings still on campus today: Brown Hall, Science East/West, and the Melvin J. Zahnow Library.


25 Years Ago

While still in the middle of the Cold War, Ambassador Ralph Earle II comes to SVSU to speak on U.S./Soviet relations and negotiations.


20 Years Ago

The SVSU computer network is established so that devices such as Internet and e-mail could be used throughout campus.


15 Years Ago

Edward James Olmos, star of the film Stand and Deliver and the televisions shows Miami Vice and Battlestar Galactica, comes to SVSU to speak on behalf of Hispanic Heritage Month.  His speech was entitled ‘We’re All In The Same Gang.”


10 Years Ago

SVSU dedicates two of its newest additions, the Student Center and the Fitness Center. The $3.5 million dollar fitness center includes weight training equipment, cardiovascular devices, stair climbers and much more.


Additionally, the $7 million dollar Student Center includes the C-Store, multiple rooms to host events like Valley Nights and conference rooms for over 80 organizations.


5 Years Ago

Pine Grove West student housing and community buildings open.

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