RSO support to be increased

Looking for more funding for your on-campus organization? Student Life is here to help.

In the next couple of weeks, Student Life will introduce a new RSO incentive program where students can help earn benefits for organizations they’re involved with by performing tasks set by certain guidelines.

The program’s incentives are measured through a series of levels. Through the first two levels, organizations can obtain additional, unrestricted funding, which its representatives can use for causes such as programming, promotional materials, or start-up funds for fundraising.

The highest honor an organization can reach is the “Gold Level.” In doing so, organizations will be automatically nominated for “RSO of the Year,” as well as gain immediate, exclusive perks, such as priority reservations for next year’s Cards Party.

Associate Dean of Student Life and Leadership Bryan Crainer expressed his excitement towards being able to implement this program.

“The RSO Incentive Program is a Student Life initiative that we felt would foster more involvement in institutional events, programs, initiatives, but it also will allow us to better record the efforts of all of the RSOs.”

Discussion began to institute this program late in the last academic year, shortly after members of the offices of Student Life agreed to make service, leadership and RSO support its new key areas of priority, which subsequently led to the discussion of how to further support on-campus organizations.

For an organization to become eligible, it must first attend the office’s RSO Orientation, have an updated OrgSync portal and submit at least three goals to Student Life through its OrgSync account.

Student Life also specified that any organization that receives funding from the university in any way will not be eligible for the first two levels, but will be eligible for the incentives that come with the Gold Level.

Size of the organization will not play a factor in the Incentive Program, however. The number of activities an RSO participates in will factor into how many points an RSO can earn, rather than the number of members.

A Cardinal Talk, for example, is a way an organization can earn points, which can be earned through having at least three members present.

Crainer mentioned particular aspects of the program he’s happy the department is implementing.

“A couple of things we are going to award points to RSOs for are the submission of goals, as well as an accurate membership roster. Collecting these two things from RSOs has been a challenge in the past, and we think the Incentive Program may be the best means for achieving that goal.”

With the Incentive Program nearing completion, Student Life should have all of the necessary materials ready soon. When launched, Student Life will make the announcement through email and its weekly Event Blast.

Further questions can be sent to Bryan Crainer. His email is [email protected].

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