Waving pride worldwide

Red pride is going global.

A new photo contest is calling students, alumni, faculty and staff to take creative snapshots of themselves holding an SVSU flag while traveling through the state, country or world.

The flags are available for purchase in the Student Life Center (SC 101) or the Office of International and Advanced Studies (Wickes 250) for $1.

Jenny Jimenez, assistant director of Graduate and International Admissions, said anyone affiliated with the university can share their pride with this contest.

“This is for faculty, staff, alumni and students,” Jimenez said. “And it’s about where they go. From the U.P. to Detroit to international trips … We want to show that SVSU pride extends beyond borders.”

Jimenez noted SVSU’s international ties aren’t something of which students are always aware.

“We want to showcase the different places students visit,” she said. “(This also) gives students a chance to show pride in their university.”

According to Jenna Briggs, director of Graduate and International Admissions, the idea of school spirit is very American.

“International students come here for orientation and are confused about why a bird is all over everything,” Briggs said. “We wanted to get them involved and excited about their school with this project.”

Briggs’ hope is that, as students, alumni, faculty and staff take photos all over the country and world, others will notice the flags and want to learn about the university.

The idea for this project was inspired by Briggs’ own life.

“I’m a big outdoors person and there’s this company called Moosejaw that gives you a flag with your purchase and then runs a photo campaign,” she said. “I carry my Moosejaw flag lot of places and I thought why (couldn’t) we do that here?”

Briggs, Jimenez and others involved with the contest are focused on branding it via social media platforms.

“We want this all over social media and are looking for really creative photos,” Jimenez said. “It’s something different and fun for students to do.”

Briggs emphasized publicizing the contest on social media platforms also lets students see what their friends are putting under the same hashtag.

“I really hope students get excited about SVSU and take pride in their university,” Briggs said.

The contest will run three times per year: once through the end of January, once through the end of April and once through the end of August.

Students can submit their photos by uploading them with #RedPrideWorldWide and #SVSU hashtags or by emailing them to [email protected].

Multiple winners will be selected; each will win a $50 gift card to the bookstore.

“The number one thing is get creative with this,” Briggs said. “So, go grab a flag and have fun.”

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