Extending range of prayers

In the spirit of community, His House Christian Fellowship put on a Global Hearts Prayer Day for countries around the world – specifically, the ones that SVSU’s international students call home.

“I really think that it gives a global picture that we kind of fail to see,” Grant Schutte, an undecided sophomore and His House member, said. “It’s really easy to get into our own little world here and not realize the things that are going on (elsewhere).”

Kaylee W., junior and event coordinator, agreed.

“We’ve… brought up a lot of facts and even some social justice issues that people can pray for,” Kaylee said. “I think it’s really important for people to understand what the world is like, whether they’re religious or not.”

Paper bags filled with tea lights were arranged on the ground with a sign inviting students to write a prayer on them for these countries and their people. There was also a large sign on the wall where students were able to write prayers of thanksgiving they wanted to share.

His House provided information about the problems facing each country, as well as resources about how students can help and get involved.

“You can just come learn about it and see what you can do with that knowledge, like maybe getting water or helping the poverty level,” Kaylee said. “We care about what’s going on in other countries and we want to do something to make a difference for that, be it through prayer or actively doing something to make change.”

Corie Johns, general business sophomore and His House member, also applauded the event’s goal of widening students’ worldview.

“We tend to be egocentric and think our country is the best, and this gives us a view of our whole world instead of just our little tiny home,” Johns said.

Kaylee said she hopes to make this event an annual one. She believes, with some planning and prayer, there’s a good possibility Global Hearts Prayer Day will become a regular project for His House.

“Knowledge is power and I think we can change the world with that,” Kaylee said.

His House offers more than just events, however. It’s also a place for students to come share in their faith.

“I think sometimes it’s hard, because (some students) come from a church background and kind of want that in college and don’t know where to find it,” Kaylee said. “It’s a great place for fellowship and it’s kind of a safe zone for a lot of people, too. You’re not going to be judged and you’re just going to be loved, and I think that’s really important.”

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