Backpacking around the world

Traveling the world to learn about other cultures doesn’t always mean you have to leave campus.

Students from China, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Germany, Holland, Japan, Kazakhstan, the United States, Poland, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia presented acts representing their country’s cultures last Friday during Intercultural Night.

Economics freshman Aranya Biswas represented Bangladesh by playing guitar.

“Being a part of the show was amazing,” he said. “We put in as much effort as we could to make it an amazing experience for us and the audience as well.”

The Valley Vanguard

Vanguard photo | Alissa Rhode

The 14th annual Intercultural Night featured performances by students hailing from 11 countries. The event aimed to bring unique, multicultural talents to SVSU’s campus in accordance with the theme “Backpacking All Over the World.”

Secondary Spanish education senior Stephanie Marr directed the show.

“We want to educate people about diversity as well as entertain them,” she said. “Everyone should at least be aware of the social and multicultural diversity that we have here at SVSU.”

Performances included dancing, singing and a fashion show.

Computer science and graphic design student Raul Hecker played piano in the acts representing Azerbaijan and Poland.

“Being part of this event was worth it,” he said. “You get acquainted with new people and new cultures. The best part is that you make friends.”

“Learning about different traditions and cultures helps all of us grow and appreciate different aspects of life, as well as teach us many things we would not have known otherwise,” Biswas said. “I think that makes all of us better as human beings.”

Hecker said performances that educate students are an entertaining way to learn.

“Observing and watching is an easier and more educational way to learn something,” he said. “You don’t have to study or write papers, you just sit and enjoy the show. You learn and have fun.”

According to Marr, the show was also intended to encourage students’ interest in traveling and study abroad.

“Learning about different cultures adds color to our lives. It gives us new perspectives to see things in different ways,” Hecker said. “Being different or doing different things that we have never seen makes our lives more colorful and interesting.”

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