‘Last Night’ wins Cardinal Radio’s BOTB competition

Cardinal Radio’s third annual Battle of the Bands rocked out in the TSAR last Saturday, April 11.

As with the previous two shows, 60 percent of all proceeds went to The Rainbow Connection, a nonprofit organization that helps dreams come true for children with terminal illnesses.

To attend the show, students had to pay $3 while non-students had to pay $5 for tickets.

The Valley Vanguard

Vanguard photo | Jamie Loubert

Saginaw, MI, pop-rock outfit Last Night Saved My Life performed at Cardinal Radio’s third annual ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition last Saturday evening. The quintet ended up winning the competition, raising more than the other two bands in the competition, Calcaska and The White Oranges.

Work ‘n Progress opened the event with an improv show that had many in the audience laughing. The show featured three bands: Calcaska, The White Oranges and Last Night Saved my Life. The winner was determined by how much money was donated into jars with the bands’ name. Last Night Saved my Life took the show over by performing covers and won the competition by raising $53.

In total, the event raised $442.35 to give to the Rainbow Connection. This number was a little shy of last year’s total, which was $473.

This year’s show featured more attendees than last year’s, and also put forth three bands that did not compete in last year’s event.

Cardinal Radio President Wade Westfall noted a stronger emphasis on advertising the event as to why more people came out to the event. Cardinal Radio advertised and fundraised for Battle of the Bands through a series of events including a Guitar Hero competition, an “Are you Smarter than a Cardinal Radio DJ” event and trivia games. As a whole, Westfall said that this year’s attendance numbers of “roughly 100 people” can be considered a success because of how many people stayed for the entire show.

“We have a large group of people, and, most importantly, they’re sticking around,” he said. “It’s one thing to get a good influx in the beginning, but it’s hard to keep them around for all three bands.

“I’m really happy with how it has gone on. I think this was a successful event.”

While Calcaska plays more often in the Flint area, both The White Oranges and Last Night Saved my Life are familiar names around SVSU. Both played in the first Battle of the Bands event put on by Cardinal Radio, and for Justin O’Kelly and Corey Botchynok, playing at the event is not only fun, but something they like doing for the positive impact it has.

“The turnout is nice, and it’s great to play for people who are interested in music,” Botchynok said. “We usually play in a lot of bars and it’s really a captive audience, but it’s good to see people come out and support music and a good cause. Being a small band, we don’t play for big money, so if we can help [a foundation] out then it’s even better.”

O’Kelly added that coming back to SVSU and playing for students is always a homecoming of sorts.

“It’s always nice to come back and see familiar faces coming out to the show,” he said. “It’s a good time.”

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