Alcohol policy in effect: Beware the college party

Many freshmen, upon stepping onto campus, are faced with the opportunity to partake in one of college’s most infamous traditions: the college party.

SVSU’s alcohol policy is intended to establish consequences and acknowledge dangers for those underage individuals that choose to partake in consuming alcohol on campus.

According to Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Marie Rabideau, during the past three years University Police have handed out an average of about 211 MIPs (Minor In Possession) per academic school year.

Underage drinking puts both on-campus students and commuters at risk for being fined, possible probation, relocation or removal from housing or even suspension from the university. Along with the more serious consequences, students will also be responsible for attending an alcohol education course.  In such cases, the university will notify the student’s parents or guardians.

According to the University Code of Student Conduct, a student’s first offense will be fined a minimum of $75, up to a maximum of $300. A second offense sees the fine inflate to a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $350, as well as possible probation from the university. If a student continues to break school policy, after a third offense the fine increases to a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $400. At this point the student will be facing a suspension from the university.

“Sanctions are cumulative and may be enhanced based on past disciplinary record, the severity of behavior and/or the impact of the violation upon the community,” Rabideau said.

Scholarships and on-campus affiliations such as organizations or athletics are not off-limits for disciplinary action when it comes to the underage consumption of alcohol.

“It does depend on the scholarship and type of offense,” Rabideau said. “Generally, if students are in ‘good standing’ it will not affect their scholarship or affiliations. However, there are possible exceptions depending on the scholarship/affiliation requirements.”

Rabideau explains that in an instance that involves athletics, the athletic director will be notified. If the violation breaks any rules given to the student by the Athletic Department, then disciplinary action will be necessary.

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