Student Association to name new members

Student Association will soon be appointing its new members.

Thirty students applied for the positions.

“The Association can appoint anywhere between 0-20 members,” Parliamentarian Trevor Ward said. “The matter is wholly up to the Association at large.”

The association will be reconvening today to appoint members.

The appointment process began at the Student Association meeting on Sept. 29. Applicants each gave a three-minute presentation to members. After, there was a question and answer period.

Common topics for questions to prospective members included greatest strengths, greatest weaknesses, other time commitments and course loads.

Current members also asked prospective members’ views on the importance of Student Association and what changes they would like to make.

The application for the position inquired about any relevant previous experience, their goals for the position and changes they would like to see on campus.

Melissa Whitford, Billie DeShone, Taylor Fisher, Rachel Aguirre, Alissa Schley, Kyle Hull, Qicong Weng, Hunter Kosaski, Aubrey Routowicz, Jaleah Hawthorne, Charlie Ferens, Shannon Russell, Lauren Miller, Drew Mojica, Michael Majewski, Kaitlyn Ferdinande, Ryan Arntz, Alyssa Wright, Zach Mendoza, Sabrina Clark, Rachel Cahill, Shayla York, Miranda Pare, KayJa Daniels, Leslie Smith, Shane Carter, Jeremy Flood, Aranya (Ron) Biswas, Janelle Lake and D’Onna Cameron all applied.

Appointed members of Student Association must maintain at least a 2.25 cumulative GPA and take at least six credits per semester. They must hold two office hours per week, attend biweekly association meetings and serve on at least two Student Association committees.

Public Information Officer Dan Hill was impressed by many of the applications.

“Many first-year (students) surprised me,” Hill said, “I was impressed by a fair share of them.”

Student Association will reconvene Monday, Oct. 6 to appoint new members. The meeting will take place at 10 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge.

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