‘Human books’ open up during 2nd Human Library


SVSU hosted a Human Library event on Tuesday, March 20, where a total of 16 human “books” were available to be checked out by 105 attendees throughout the night.

One SVSU student shared his story about “Coming to Terms with Himself” in the hopes that students experiencing similar situations would be able to learn from him.

“I wanted to share my story to see if there were other students who were struggling with being themselves and wanted to get some advice about dealing with religion or being a member of the LGBT community,” the participant said. “I hope that my experiences help students with their experiences.”

The participant stressed that anyone who is struggling should not become discouraged, and should seek help if they need it.

“I hope people realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” the participant said. “Finding who you are as a person takes a lot of time, and there are always resources out there to help you. Ultimately, you have to find happiness within yourself.”

Overall, the participant enjoyed sharing his story and hearing the stories of others.

“I really enjoyed being a participant and having conversations with people,” the participant said. “One person shared their story about being LGBT, and it was really exciting to hear about how they dealt with their situation. Another person talked to me about religion, and I enjoyed hearing their interpretation of my story.”

Another SVSU student spoke about his military experiences and encouraged attendees to find their purpose and pursue it.

“I hope that students take away that life is what you make of it,” the participant said. “One door closes and another opens. My whole life revolved around being in the military, then power lifting. When those things were taken away from me I had to find purpose again. Now, I feel better than I ever have because I’m getting my story out and talking to people.”

Second-year elementary education major Alexa Bloom agreed that attending the event opened up her eyes to different ways of life.

“I talked to two different people, one from the Navy and one from the Peace Corps,” Bloom said. “I thought their experiences were really cool, and very different from what I’m used to. Both people I talked to said they couldn’t imagine their lives without their service.”

Event coordinator Ashley Blinstrub was glad Human Library proved successful again.

“I think the event was a huge success,” Blinstrub said. “It broke down barriers in the community and gave participants a chance to chat with people about their life stories.”