Resident assistant named Student of the Year


Marketing senior Pedro Marin in November received the Student of the Year award from the Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls.

Marin received the honor during the group’s conference at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse on Nov. 17.

Marin was selected because of his attention to service, his widespread involvement on campus and his love for SVSU and its students.

Marin is highly involved on campus, where he works as a resident assistant (RA), a student advisor for the Residential Housing Association (RHA) and a Student Affairs intern.

To Marin, the award honors the hard work and dedication he has displayed as an undergraduate student.

“The award signifies outstanding service to my campus, as well as regional and national involvements during the 2017 academic year,” Marin said. “It showcases the dedication and effort that a person can put in during their time as an undergraduate student.”

The passion that Marin has for each of his many involvements drove business management sophomore Kayla Burdick to nominate him for the award.

“Pedro has always been very involved with several organizations, worked in different offices and has attended conferences on behalf of SVSU,” Burdick said. “He has an enthusiastic and friendly attitude, which is contagious and continues to not only strengthen himself as a leader but also those around him.”

Marin’s work as a RA set him apart as an outstanding leader among the student body.

“Pedro is an amazing RA and has been able to build a great community with his residents,” Burdick said. “He sets an excellent example for his first-year students, and he makes sure they are aware of all the different organizations and opportunities on campus. He ensures that his residents are comfortable with approaching him with anything they may need.”

As an RA, Marin aims to educate and empower students through programs like “PHE with Pedro” and “Police with Pedro.”

“I do what I do because I want to help people and improve the lives of students,” Marin said. “I work with first-year students, and being able to help them navigate their way on campus to create their path is truly rewarding. I love watching students grow by finding their passion and things that they are excited about.”

Marin’s above-and-beyond involvement in RHA also made him an excellent candidate for the award.

“Every week, Pedro would encourage students to join RHA,” Burdick said. “Most of these students became heavily involved in the organization and join committees. Two of them are now serving on the executive board.”

Marin credits his success to his mentors, and he hopes to continue working with students in the future.

“I am extremely humbled by this honor and I am so appreciative of all the effort people have put into me these past few years, which has helped me be where I am today,” Marin said. “Because of SVSU, I have found my passion and I plan to pursue a career in higher education.”