Pine Grove feeling parking woes


Residents of Pine Grove have recently encountered parking troubles in the lots near their housing.
Due to a lack of available parking spaces, students residing in the housing complexes have resorted to parking in invalid spaces, such as the nearby grass. Many who have done so have received tickets, despite there being no valid parking available to them.

Brady Katshor, a resident of Pine Grove, attested to difficulty that the lack of spaces has caused.

“The first week, it was difficult to get a spot close to your building, or at all. Move in day was hectic and crazy,” Katshor said.

Katshor has lived in the Pine Grove housing for two years and said parking had never been this large of an issue in the past.

Some of the issues causing these shortages have been cited as dumpsters occupying up to 12 spaces, as well as cars parked without correct permits and restructuring of the lot itself.

Parking and Student Services Coordinator Cody Roy said this was the first time he’d seen a parking overflow of this caliber. He also stated that Parking Services is working to address the issue.

“Our current solution until cars can be righted to the correct parking lots either through warnings or citations is to open up parking lots H and G-3 to Pine Grove residents to park in either during the day and including overnight until the parking situation in Pine Grove can further be evaluated,” Roy said. “The reason for the citations was … for parking on the grass or rock areas that are not valid at any time at SVSU.”

Roy stipulated that valid parking may be found on the opposite side of the complex, and students will have walk to their allotted building.

“If a resident has any concern that there are no spaces available, they can utilize G-3 or H-lot in the meantime,” Roy said. “The University Police department offer(s) escorts for people who are walking alone late in the evening and do not feel safe.”