Major/Minor Fair helps students pin down interests


On Wednesday, Nov. 14, the third annual Major/Minor Fair took place in the TSAR.

The goal of the event was to bring attention to a wide variety of different majors and minors SVSU offers and to give students a chance to meet faculty and student representatives.

The Academic Advising Center organized the event with the goal of providing more information about a variety of majors and minors to the 193 students who are listed as “undecided,” as well as the many students looking to switch their degree path.

“I think it was great how there was a mix of students and staff members at the tables,” said Demytria Walker, a first-year student at the event representing the Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy program. “The mix helped students understand the academic expectations as well as what it is really like to be in each major from a fellow student’s perspective.”

The event provided the opportunity for students to directly interact with faculty and gain in-depth information on what each program has to offer.

“We had good participation from faculty, which is important because when we meet in the office we try to stress the importance of meeting faculty and establishing connections,” said John Flores, an assistant director of the Academic Advisement Center. “We can only take advising for every program so far; by meeting faculty, students can get a better understanding of what their academic path will look like.”

This year, a strong emphasis was placed on including the importance of minors, in addition to majors. Representatives of the Academic Advisement Center believed that many students are unaware of the wide variety of minors that are offered, which is why they chose to structure it into the fair itself.

“Once you get out of high school, you may think you know what you want to do, but you are only exposed to a very small number of careers,” Flores said. “These students may realize what they thought they wanted to do just isn’t what they are interested in anymore, and we hope that we provide a chance for them to explore their options.”

In past years, the fair had been held at the banquet rooms in Curtiss Hall, but it was moved because students aren’t as familiar with that part of campus, according to event organizers.

The location in the TSAR and surrounding hall helped bring in students who were passing by. The Academic Advising Center hopes to keep the event in the same location next year, with the exception of bringing all of the tables into the TSAR.

“This was a great event because it gave students the opportunity to see exactly what SVSU has to offer,” Walker said. “I really enjoyed being able to explain to other students what occupational therapy is and what our program here has to offer.”

The event brought in over 137 students, with over 70 being commuter students.

“We would like to see even more students come through because that is what the event is for, the students,” Flores said. “We are not here to promote majors; we just want to offer the best possible environment for students to learn more about all of the possibilities.”