Part-Time Job Fair brings opportunities


Career Services’ Part-Time Job Fair took place in the Rotunda on Saturday, Aug. 26, from noon to 3 p.m.

Preparation for the job fair begins in June when a student employee from Career Services goes into the community to recruit employers to attend the fair. The fair is also promoted through social media, posters and other on-campus organizations.

“This is the only job fair I can think of where (a student) can talk to multiple employers and fill out a blanket application for the business and have a five- to 10-minute interview on the spot,” said Thomas Barnikow, the interim assistant director of Career Services. “You can spend an hour at the fair and walk out with multiple job offers.”

Barnikow said the fall job fair is the most attended of all Career Services’ job fairs. The job fairs provide several benefits to students, such as allowing them to find jobs beyond campus and help them earn some extra money.

“We found that, if we brought the local retail and restaurants to campus, that there were a lot of opportunities for students to network directly with employers that want to hire them,” Barnikow said. “It is advantageous to the students because they can walk out with a job offer.”

Angela Davis, a nursing freshman, found the job fair to be beneficial.

“I need a job because I’m a ‘broke college student,’” David said. “I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t come. It’s a good opportunity if you’re looking for a job.”

Cameron Gingerich, an education sophomore, agreed with Davis.

“The job fair helps me to see what kind of job it is instead of looking online and trying to figure it out,” she said. “All the employers are right here, so I don’t have to go very far.”

Nearly 50 employers attended the job fair, giving students the opportunity to network with many businesses.

“I have spoken to about five employers,” Gingerich said. “I seemed to connect with some of the employers and filled out some applications, and I feel pretty confident.”