Looking for food? Get MAD


Want some real food on campus? Try the Marketplace at Doan.

The Marketplace is the rebranded edition of the RFoC and has increased seating, new food stations and redesigned décor.

“The name ‘Marketplace at Doan’ was on the original list of choices before we decided to go with the ‘RFoC’ Aramark brand,” said Jason Wolverton, Director of Marketing, Training, and Development.

Since SVSU no longer uses Aramark as its campus dining provider, it was free to go with the name change.

“We feel like it’s a perfect name that represents the fresh and delicious choices of a market while also paying homage to the history of the University,” he added.

New food stations include the Mongolian style grill and the brick pizza oven.

Wolverton said that the brick oven offer an “authentic” and more traditional pizza.

“The brick oven gives us the chance to do some different baked sandwiches, grinders, etc. at that station through the year,” he added.

Other changes include moving the produce station toward the front and the dessert station being pushed backward to engage students in healthier eating.

“We also have an omelet station for breakfast every day, a chilled dessert station, and additional beverage offerings at the beverage station,” Wolverton said.

He said that students will see different types of foods they are not used to seeing at the dining halls in previous years.

“Our Marketplace team spent a lot of time developing a new menu and new options for the location,” he said.

Another addition was the facility’s expansion into what was formerly the Student Life Center and Cardinal Cage.

Marketplace was expanded due to increasing numbers of customers, especially during the times of their larger events like the International Food Festival.

Because of the expansion, roughly 150 seats now are available for students.

This new addition is accessible through the old emergency door where the TV was in the RFoC.

“The new dining room will not be accessible from the hallway and that doorway is now an armed emergency exit monitored with cameras,” Wolverton said.

A new dish collecting system was installed to replace the conveyor belt that often broke down during the previous academic year.

With these changes, Marketplace has changed its prices of the cost to dine at the facility.

The lunchtime cost was increased by 25 cents, bringing the total to $7.50. The cost of dinner was increased by 50 cents, bringing its total to $8.50.
Marketplace will also offer a midday snack time from 2:30 until 4:30 p.m. for $6.

Although it is too early for Dining Services to see if the renovations will bring more business to the Marketplace, Wolverton said that reactions to the changes have been “overwhelmingly positive.”

Meaghan Lutz, an occupational therapy freshman, said that she was impressed.

“I though it’d be jokey cafeteria food and I’m really surprised how good it is,” she said.

Although Marketplace at Doan is open to the public, there are still some small changes yet to be completed.

Wolverton said that Marketplace is working with University Communications to get black and white photography of the University posted throughout the dining room.

However, he added no other major construction will take place.